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Good stuff here, Tim.

I find it hard to believe that even Kapler bats Odubel 4th, but who knows? We'll have to see how much he veers from the traditional lineup.

And we'll start to find out 7 weeks from today when he puts together his first lineup for the annual game vs. U. of Tampa.

Don Schell

Rhys hitting second is actually a good idea. A lot of teams are doing this with their best hitters. I only wish Kingery was starting the year with the Phillies and hitting #1. Kingery-Hoskins- Santana-Franco-Alfaro-Williams-Crawford-Herrera. Power at top of lineup and free swingers at bottom


Nice analysis, but in the first run through the lineup tool I would have used either career averages or the last three years average for the guys who have a long enough track record.

I think the Altherr/Williams "competition" is going to be one of the more interesting things to watch this season, and it will be doubly interesting to see if one or both of them can add value enough to be traded for a SP the team would like to have. OTOH, they could even trade Odubel and move AA to CF.

Still a lot of personnel decisions to be made going forward, and this season is important for almost every guy on the roster.


Don, I understand the excitement for Kingery - I'm excited too - but before we pronounce him the next big thing, let's remeber he has yet to take a single MLB PA, much less excel over the course of a couple of seasons as has Cesar. Do I thnk Kingery has the potential to be an upgrade from Cesar? Yes, but keep in mind Cesar has been a 3 WAR player the last 2 seasons, and the 7th best 2B in MLB over that period of time.


It's a pretty big hill for Kingery to climb.

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