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Williams , Franco, Alfaro, Crawford and Hoskins are all questions marks in my opinion.

My explanation for this Williams currently hitting about 160 in spring training. Franco has lifetime 240 plus average. Larry Bowa always said look at the back of the bubble gum card. His history is bad. Alfaro never hit for high average in minors , power is their but batting average no. Crawford is one season removed from hitting , what 235 in AAA. Hoskins and this will be the big surprise for everyone , they figured him out late in September and his Batting Average nose dived and so did the Homers.

Kingery , is a hitter and if the Phillies are going to score more than 1 or 2 runs a game against quality pitching they will need him.

Seth Beer is silver slugger potential for 2018 college season and Phillies need to make the Clemson star their #3 pick in June. They have enough pitchers in system but no real silver sluggers.

Machado , will be wanted by everyone and Harper as well they might not get either but Beer is right there at #3. Take him.


Kingery, a hit today against Twins in first inning . Flathery if Phillies let him go will be picked up probably by Baltimore. Floriman, is good but Phillies should try to deal Flathery or somehow keep him . I would keep Rosales as well , also probably a better hitter than Franco and Crawford.

I have heard over and over from Phillie fans the Phillies do not have any real major league level hitters. 300 hitter is what I'm talking about , They are one of several teams in both the National and American League do not have a real hitter who goes 1/3 consistently.

Mike Trout is rare and he is up for grabs in 2019/20 , this is the type of player the Phillies lack. Abreu, remember him , he was last hitter of this type . Herrera is close but did not hit well last May. The rest of the lineup weak and inconsistent.

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