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By Tim Kelly, Sports Talk Philly editor 

The Philadelphia Phillies made a slight update to their helmets this Spring Training, moving from a flat, sticker logo, to a raised, 3D logo. After an unsuccessful transition, the Phillies have already decided to ditch the 3D "P" on their helmets. 

According to Paul Lukas of UniWatch, the Phillies pulled the plug on their short-lived attempt to transition to a 3D helmet logo last weekend: 

As you can see by the picture of Jorge Alfaro at the top of this article, the Phillies are now using the same glossy, red helmets that they wore prior to the 2018. These helmets feature a flat logo, rather than the 3D logo that had been worn on the helmets to open the 2018 campaign. To this point, the Phillies haven't transitioned into matte helmets, as many teams around the league have in recent years. This, perhaps, is because matte wouldn't look good with their shade of red. 

Though some liked the look of the 3D "P" logo on the Phillies helmets, the logos didn't seem to stay on the helmets well. When Nick Williams hit a game-winning pinch-hit home run against the Cincinnati Reds on April 9, the logo on his helmet appeared to be hanging on for dear life. Odubel Herrera did him one better six days later, when he came to the plate against the Tampa Bay Rays without a logo on his helmet at all: 

It's unclear exactly what the final straw was, but it appears that the Phillies determined that the 3D helmet logos weren't worth the trouble. 


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