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By Matt Noskow, Sports Talk Philly staff writer 

With the No. 3 pick in the 2018 MLB Draft the Phillies selected Wichita State third baseman Alec Bohm. At 6`5,  225 pounds he stands large at the hot corner and carries great power potential. His bat makes up for below average defensive grades and it should make him a quick riser through the minors.

During his time in college, Bohm has improved each year as his plate discipline has begun to catch up to his power potential. He ended his 2018 spring hitting .341/.439/.632 with 16 home runs and 55 RBIs. Bohm has also improved his walk rate to 17.7% and decreased his strikeout rate to 11.4%.

Another enticing factor to Bohm’s game is his work with a wood bat. A large obstacle college bats face can be the transition from aluminum to wood bats in the pros. However, this has proven to not be a huge issue for Bohm as in 2016 in the Coastal Plains League he hit .330/.407/.502 in 203 at-bats. Then in 2017, during the Cape Cod Summer League he hit .351/.399/.513 in 154 at-bats which led him to be named the league MVP.

These summer leagues combined with his performance at Wichita State indicate a positive trend for the potential of his bat moving towards the majors. His swing is smooth and compact with a slightly open stance. He appears to be willing to drive the ball to the opposite side of the field in some instances this year.

The one negative that appeared occasionally with his swing was in his stride foot. It appears that when he plants his foot he rolls on the outside part of his left foot. This could be nitpicking because on some of the instances when he did this he manages to get the hit and even hit a homerun. When he is drafted, one of the first things coaches may work with him on would likely be to close his stance which could eliminate the issue with his stride foot.

In terms of Bohm’s defense, he projects as a below average third baseman. His fielding percentage was at .917 this past year and was pretty consistent throughout college. He does appear stiff and not able to range as quickly as other third base prospects. Due to this and his size, he will likely need to move positions down the line.

For the Phillies, the selection of Bohm makes perfect sense for a number of reasons. As listed above, Bohm has plus power potential with future middle of the order consideration. His bat appears to play well with aluminum and wood given his success in the CPL and Cape Cod Summer League. The Phillies could pick him and see his bat help him ride a quick path up through the minors. Bohm will likely get work at third base and first base, as well as, testing his athleticism in left field. This would give the Phillies position versatility, which as they have proven this year, they covet.

With the Phillies drafting Bohm, he should instantly become their highest rated corner infield prospect. Given their organizational lack of prospect depth at the corners, as well as, lackluster performances from former top batting prospects; Bohm’s consistent swing and power potential will be well received in the Phillies organization. Bohm’s potential comparison lies somewhere between Pat Burrell and Kris Bryant, both of whom were former college third basemen drafted in the top 10. However, the besting fitting comp for Bohm is a Troy Glaus-esque type of player.


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