Play a Colangelo-inspired video game to collect collars, avoid Hinkie

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 1.05.41 PM

By Josh Liddick, Sports Talk Philly editor 

Do you like video games? Are you tired of waiting around for the Sixers to make a decision on firing GM Bryan Colangelo following his burner Twitter account debacle?

Well, the perfect game is here for you.

First reported by the 700 level on NBC Sports Philadephia, a new computer game has been released where you have to avoid Sam Hinkie, The Ringer, Joel Embiid, and more all by collecting collars. Running into one of these obstacles causes Colangelo to lose a "burner account" aka a life.

Run into father Jerry Colangelo, and you'll receive an extra "account."

The internet is a wonderful place. Perhaps the Sixers will take note of just how ridiculous it is waiting around for something that is inevitable and necessary to move forward with the progress of the organization.