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By Matt Rappa, Sports Talk Philly editor

After losing four of the first five games of the season — outscored 33-14 — the managerial capability of incoming skipper Gabe Kapler was questioned among most scribes and Philadelphia Phillies fans alike.

Fast-forwarding 145 days later, the Phillies sit two games out of a postseason spot with just 32 games remaining in the season, and are well-poised to make a run at their first postseason run in seven seasons. According to Phillies Vice President and General Manager Matt Klentak Monday afternoon on MLB Network's "High Heat," the club has a "real advantage" because of Kapler.

"The first week of the season was really hard ... people paid a lot of attention to it, and it was tough. But, there's no harder worker, there's no one who is better prepared than Gabe Kapler," Klentak said. "He took it on the chin [and] said, 'we're going to get better.' He made adjustments. ... He hasn't looked back."

Since starting the season 1-4, the club is playing .552 baseball in 125 games since, winning 69 of their 125 games. Phillies pitching has posted a 15th-best team ERA of 3.91, while their offense has slugged the 15th-most home runs, 154.

"Now that we're into the flow of the season, I think he's tremendous," Klentak said. "I think we have a real advantage in the dugout based on his in-game tactics, but also the type of clubhouse that he allows our players to have."

"I think we do have an advantage and we are thrilled to have Kap on our side."


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