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John James

Durso, you have been trying to peddle Simmonds for a year. You are so much like today's sports writers. If you can't see in boring black and white analytics, you can't measure it. Things like heart and dressing-room presence. The chipmunks in the press box can write all they want, but you'll not engineer any player movements. Hextall has a deaf ear when advise comes from insignificant sources. I hope and pray you are not related to the legendary sports writer, Joe Durso. Now, there was a writer.

Kevin Durso

John, I am well aware after covering this team for upwards of five seasons what Wayne Simmonds means to the locker room and the amount of heart he brings. I certainly am not writing him off next season as others have and in fact, believe he should be here at least all season and not traded now. Let's see what he's still got. He's as determined a player as anybody and plays the game the right way. All I am trying to express is that this is a contract year for him, which, in fact, brings his future with the Flyers into question. Truth is, nobody knows if Simmonds will be with this team beyond next season and there are many things that go into that decision, both from Hextall and Simmonds himself. It's the nature of the business.

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