Players with 10-plus years of Major League Baseball experience gain eligibility for the Baseball Writers' Association of America (BBWAA) to elect them once they are retired for five full seasons. For instance, consider a circumstance — albeit unlikely — that the Phillies bring back Pierre as a bench speed threat in 2019. Pierre could play only one game and his Hall of Fame clock would be reset, hence preventing his first ballot appearance no sooner than 2025Publish.

Along with individual career achievements, the key to the Hall also relies on timing, and who players are competing with on each year's ballots. All an election requires is the BBWAA Screening Committee to nominate a player, and for such player to receive votes on 75 percent of the collected ballots. Players must obtain at least a five percent vote to remain on the following year's ballot.

The following is a glance at each of the seven Phillies to be first-year Hall of Fame eligible in 2019, barring the Screen Committee selects and announces their placement onto the ballot this upcoming January.