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U can't argue with anything said. We suck ass this year!!!

Dan Marsh

Just like politics, speak the truth and you are shamed


Embarrassing? I don't see a problem with anything they said, except maybe the use of the F-bomb but they spoke the truth, and spoke facts. This team is bad right now (and is a much better team than what is currently on display) and getting worse with nothing being done about it. Everyone should be mad! They just spoke the truth in a conversation with each other, nothing wrong with that.

Jesse bell

Every thing they said was absolutely right. From bringing up great potential from the ahl to trimming the fat with dale weise. And it's about time someone said something about borachek. He's a puck hog that doesn't produce anything besides turn overs and getting cornered by defenseman. Hopefully Hart just takes this as a learning year and rides this out


Jackson and Jones shouldn't be embarrassed for what they said - the players should be embarrassed for the way they play.

Sometimes, the truth sucks - but that doesn't change the truth.

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