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Injury Report: Eagles at Saints

Preview: The Eagles Divisional Round Playoff Match-up With The Saints

By Gia Lanci, Sports Talk Philly Staff

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round of playoffs. The Saints had a bye week in the first round of playoffs. The Eagles beat the Bears last Sunday to advance them to New Orleans. The Saints are the first seed in the NFC. There is no question this will be an extremely difficult game for the Eagles, but, if they do everything right, they have a chance.

The Game That No One Wants To Look Back On

The last time the Eagles played the Saints was in week 10. The Saints demolished the Eagles with a score of 48-7. It was an awful game that no one wants to think about. However, this is a different team. Some players even said that the Saints loss was what turned the season around. There are a lot of different players that are playing now, and they have gotten into the groove of their plays. This game will be a challenge but, in my opinion, will not be anything like the match-up in week 10.

The Saints Offense

Drew Brees is one of the best players in the NFL right now. Now is his time. He is so efficient and can be unstoppable. The defense is hungry, so the defense needs to put more pressure on any quarterback they have this season. The only chance they have to win is to shut him down. Their rushing game is scary, as well, with Alvin Kamara. Malcolm Jenkins will be a huge factor in this game. He will diminish Brees’ downfield game. If he is able to stop Alvin Kamara, that will be a colossal game changer.

Ski Mask Szn for the Defense

The defensive line was one of the biggest problems in the week 10 game that no one talks about. They were unable to apply pressure up front. That allowed Brees to play around with the secondary. The defensive line has improved so much since then. Fletcher Cox is going to be a force to be reckoned with on Sunday. There have been injuries for the Saints offensive line, which should definitely be taken advantage of by the D-line.

The Point-Guard

Nick Foles is the key to winning this game. If he plays like he has been playing, with the assistance from the defense, the Eagles should win this game. Nick Foles' point-guard like ability has worked wonders for him and the offense. There were some mistakes he made in the game against the Bears. He had two interceptions. That just cannot happen against the Saints. They will take full advantage of every little mistake that is made by the Eagles. Not only has Foles been playing well, but he has had the protection he needs. In the beginning of the season, the offensive line allowed 34 sacks, but, in just the past six games, they have only allowed seven sacks. The momentum they have had with their protection recently is astounding. It is essential they give Foles the time he needs to throw accurate passes and make the right decisions.

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Injury Report: Eagles at Saints

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