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The Chicago Cubs appear to be close to naming a manager to replace Joe Maddon, who departed at season's end.  It appears that the new manager will be a former Cubs catcher.  However, it appears it will not be former Cubs catcher Joe Girardi, who remains a candidate for positions with the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs.

According to David Kaplan of NBC Sports Chicago, the new Cubs manager will be David Ross:

The Cubs will not likely make an announcement until tomorrow, an off day in the World Series.

The Cubs considered a number of potential managers, including former Phillies manager Gabe Kapler, Girardi, and Joe Espada, currently the bench coach of the Houston Astros.  Internal candidates included Ross, a special adviser to the club, and coaches Mark Loretta and Will Venable.

The news could be good for the Phillies, who reportedly have Girardi as their top choice.  Girardi interviewed for a second time for the open New York Mets vacancy yesterday.  The Mets will interview candidates throughout the week.

What could that mean for the Phillies, who by many accounts could name a manager as soon as tomorrow?  Maybe they are able to work out a deal with Girardi before the Mets finish interviews.  With the Chicago Cubs out of contention, it could come a little bit easier for them.



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Michael Hoffman

The Cubs should have fired their GM instead. He has spent so much money on dud players like Kimbrel that they now have one of the top three payrolls in baseball (the highest according to one website), will have to pay a luxury tax, and will be dishing out money to poorer teams like the Brewers who keep knocking them out of the playoffs. If I was the Cubs owner I'd fire the GM immediately for wasting so much money on nothing. The Cubs starting pitching staff is getting so old they are all going to need walkers and hearing aids soon. Doesn't Cubs' management know how to draft pitching prospects?

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