Jay Ajayi To Work Out With Eagles

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By Paul Bowman, Sports Talk Philly Editor

The Eagles will need to rely heavily on their running game going forward, but just two weeks ago, the Baltimore Ravens showed the world how venerable the Patriots can be to a strong run game.

With the Eagles playing the Patriots this week, the team will again rely heavily on it.

The problem is that Darren Sproles is suffering from another soft tissue injury and Jordan Howard has been sidelined in practice with a shoulder injury.

That would leave just Miles Sanders and Boston Scoot for the Eagles to run the ball.

Late on Thursday night, Ian Rappoport of the NFL Network had an update on the situation.

With the Eagles looking into bringing Jay Ajayi back, the thought would be that either one of those guys (or both) will not be able to play coming off of the bye week.

If Ajayi were brought in to replace Howard, that could be a huge problem as the Eagles would probably want to keep Ajayi’s snaps more limited than they have Howard’s considering he hasn’t played in a year and has bad knees.

If Ajayi is brought in to replace Sproles, it is frankly just an upgrade to the offense.

Should the Eagles choose to sign Ajayi, the guess would be that Sproles is placed on season-ending IR.

Sproles is again dealing with a soft tissue injury, issues that have made him miss 12 of his last 25 games totally and, before that, he missed 13 games and all three playoff games in 2017.

If Howard ends up on IR, the Eagles are in trouble for the rest of the season.

Ajayi, in his career with the Eagles, has averaged 5.1 yards per rush and 7.4 yards per reception in the regular season.

He was also a key player on the team when the Eagles won Super Bowl LII, scoring both touchdowns in the divisional round against the Falcons so that the team could advance further into the playoffs.

The London native has been out of the league since his injury in the early stages of the 2018 season, but has since contacted teams to say that he is fully healthy and ready to play.

UPDATE: Mike Garafalo of the NFL Network Reports that Sproles is done for the season and that is likely the reason for the Ajayi workout.

It would seem to be the end of Sproles’ career in the NFL.