Flyers-Flames: Game 23 Preview
Week 12 Preview: Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles

Who is to blame for the Philadelphia Eagles mediocrity?



Lipinski & Watkins are back and placing blame after the Eagles frustrating loss to the New England Patriots.  Carson Wentz has to do better.  Doug Pederson has to do better.  Howie Roseman has to do better.  So...who is to blame for the Philadelphia Eagles mediocrity?

On the podcast

  • Carson Wentz deserves some blame for the loss
  • Is Doug Pederson overrated as a coach
  • Is it time to blow the whole thing up
  • Frost debuts for the Flyers
  • Is a Flyers blow up approaching
  • Colin Kaepernick
  • Steelers - Browns brawl

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Peter pandolfo

I’d say it’s obvious Howie Rosman is to blame.... starting with the choice of Carson wentz over old st nick, proceeded by signing over the hill prone to injury speedster desean Jackson. then with the knowledge of a weak secondary already all of a sudden out with injury three out of four cornerbacks he does nothing to help situation but hire loser unwanteds off of waivers to temporarily fill in instead of actively pursuing upgrades at a consistently occurring problemsit back and wAtches defense get shredded for four consecutive weeks. Now that secondary is healthy and miraculously and to all birds fans delight and playing almost flawlessly everybody’s memory illudes them, but now we find ourselves in almost the same scenario with our wide receivers. Although being top paid players at their position they have given our team mediocrity at best and some would argue much worse performance levels... now they r injured and our offense suffers with the likes of Antonio brown Micheal Crabtree dez Bryant just looking for a team to play for why does howie just continue to sit on his hands and watch his team lose and it fans suffer?????????

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