Wild Card Round Comparisons: Special Teams
Postgame Report: Eagles vs. Seahawks

Halftime Report: Seahawks at Eagles

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By Paul Bowman, Sports Talk Philly Editor

The Eagles, after starting the season 5-7, earned themselves a playoff berth and the right to host Seattle in the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Dealing with so many injuries, the Eagles need the best play possible from each of the guys on this roster. Here's what we saw in the first 30 minutes of action:

First Half Offensive MVP

TE Dallas Goedert

Goedert has three receptions for 28 yards with a team that has been anemic in the passing game. They will need someone to step up with him to turn the game around.

First Half Defensive MVP

DL Fletcher Cox

Cox has been huge in the rushing game during the first half with three tackles (one for loss) and a quarterback pressure. He might be credited with an extra tackle for loss after the game.

Who Needs To Step Up


Somehow the Eagles were flagged for roughing the passer with Barnett being pushed into Wilson, but the Seahawks were not flagged when Clowney speared an already down Wentz and knocked him out of the game nor on the unnecessary hit on McCown late in the first half. There is no player safety in this and the Seahawks are being allowed to get away with dirty hits.

Who To Watch Out For

DK Metcalf

The Eagles have already given up 74 yards to him and he will continue to be a threat over the top. They will need to prevent that to stay in the game.


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John Huber

In gridiron football, roughing the passer refers to making contact with the passer (usually the quarterback) after the passer has released the ball from his hands. ... But once he releases the ball, defenders are not permitted to make contact with the quarterback unless carried to do so by momentum.

Clearly, in my opinion, the roughing the passer call was a bad one since an offensive player pushed the defensive player into Russell Wilson

John Huber

I wonder ...


Paul Bowman

Thanks for reading, John.

I absolutely agree that it should have been roughing the passer - as should have at least two other plays made on McCown based on what they called against Derek Barnett.

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