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Breaking Down The Sixers' Remaining Schedule

By Kevin McCormick, Sports Talk Philly Editor

The All-Star break has come and gone, bringing us to the final stretch of the season. Playoff seeding is starting to take its final shape, but there is still time to make up lost ground. Here is a breakdown of the Sixers’ remaining 27 games of the regular season. 

Although the Sixers will still have to face some of the NBA juggernauts in this stretch, the final stretch of games will be lighter than the beginning. In these final 27 games, only eight of them will be against a team that is over .500 right now. 

The competition is going to be light as the season winds down for the Sixers. They will only have 10 games against teams that would be in the playoffs if the season were over right now. 

There are still some big games left on the schedule, starting this weekend as the Sixers will take on the Bucks for the third time this season. After Saturday the Sixers will still have to face them one more time towards the end of the regular season. 

Two other top competitors that the Sixers still need to face are both Los Angeles teams. This is going to be a tough task for the Sixers as both teams are going to be looking for revenge after losing to the Sixers earlier this year. On top of that, the Sixers will face the Clippers and Lakers in back to back games. 

After the back-to-back in Staples Center, it will be almost smooth sailing for the Sixers. They have a chance to go on a big run in that stretch as their only real test will be facing the defending champion Toronto Raptors. 

Playing on the road has been a major issue for the Sixers and it is not going to help them in this final stretch. The remaining games are almost 50/50 home and road games. With 14 being played at home and 13 away from the Wells Fargo Center. One positive is it will give this new-look team a chance to see if they can fix their road woes before the postseason begins. 

Although the Sixers are currently sitting in the fifth seed in the Eastern Conference there is time to change that. As of right now they only sit four and a half games out of the third seed, and six games out of the second seed. 

With the remaining games, the Sixers landing a top seed is still on the table. They can’t win the Conference, but there is still a chance to finish just under the Bucks. 

If the team continues to dominate at home and can steal a handful of games on the road they can make up ground fast. The big thing for the team to close out the season should be to not let teams that are not competing for anything at this point beat them and hurt their chances of a higher seed. 



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