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Draft Profile: Tre Jones

By Kevin McCormick, Sports Talk Philly Editor

With the likeliness of the NBA season returning this year, it is time to focus on what is next, the NBA draft. One positive note for the Sixers is that OKC’s first-round pick will fall out of the top 20 and convey to the Sixers. 

The Sixers will be picking in the early twenties for their first pick in this year’s draft. Kicking off this draft profile series will be a player that has been falling to the Sixers in some mock drafts, Duke guard Tre Jones. 

Jones opted to return to college for his second season over giving in to the “one and done” trend and it paid off for him. He would go on to have a solid sophomore season that led to him being named the ACC Player of the Year. 

Although cut short due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Tre Jones finished his second season averaging 16.2 PPG, 4.2 RPG, and 6.4 APG. He increased his stats across the board with his biggest jump being in his three-point percentage. 

As a freshman, Jones shot a lackluster 26.2% from deep, but in year two he upped that percentage to 36.1% while shooting more attempts a game. Having a reliable shot from deep is going to be crucial for whoever the Sixers decide to draft in the first round. 

Tre Jones can fill two big holes for the Sixers. He is someone who can run the offense when Ben Simmons is off the floor and he can create his own shots. 

A big reason why Ben Simmons logs so many minutes is that the offense just doesn't run the way it should when he is off the floor. Tre Jones knows how to run an offense and keep the ball moving, giving the Sixers the chance to lighten the miles they are putting on Ben Simmons every year. 

He can also create his own shots, something that the Sixers bench has lacked in recent years. Jones operates well in the pick and roll which would make him a good pairing with Norvel Pelle if the Sixers continue to mold him to be the backup center. 

The only downside there could be with Jones is that at 6’3 some might look at him as undersized, but on a big team like the Sixers that should be more of a non-issue. 

Tre Jones checks a lot of boxes for the Sixers. He has a very complete game and has an extra year of college under his belt that should help him be more NBA ready. 

Most mock drafts have him being taken. in the twenties, to early thirties, so he will be on the board when it comes time for the Sixers to pick. I think he is a player I could see the Sixers taking in the first round. 




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