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By Kevin Durso, Sports Talk Philly editor 

It has been just over four months since the Flyers released the news that forward Oskar Lindblom was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma and would be in a battle to beat cancer. The news sparked the #OskarStrong movement with t-shirts, signs and the constant reminder that Lindblom was still as much of a part of the team as ever and on the minds of every player, coach and member of the organization.

Tuesday brought some good news regarding Lindblom. Throughout this journey since mid-December, Lindblom has been undergoing treatments at University of Pennsylvania and every update to this point has been a positive one. Tuesday’s update was the best one anyone could hope for.

According to Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Lindblom will undergo his final treatments very soon. Assistant GM Brent Flahr updated Lindblom’s status:

“Oskar’s going through his last treatments coming up here, but everything I’ve been told from [Flyers trainer Jim McCrossin] has been very positive,” Flahr said to the Inquirer. “He feels great, considering the condition he’s in. He’s such a great kid and he’s determined. His focus is to play as soon as possible.

“For all the stuff this guy has been through, he looks terrific. The last time I saw him, he looked good. He had that smile on his face. He’s doing things like cardio to keep up his strength as much as he can. I think as soon as he gets his last treatments, the worst is over for him.”

Flahr also said that Lindblom’s doctors have told the forward that treatment “couldn’t have gone any better for him.”

While it is not known how soon Lindblom would be able to play again, the news that his recovery has been going so well and that his final treatments are nearing is incredible news, especially in a time when people are eager to receive great news of any kind.

At the time of his diagnosis, Lindblom was tied for the team lead in goals with 11. The 23-year-old has made a handful of visits to the Flyers locker room since starting treatments and did appear in the team photo.


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Michael Pellegrino

Today was my last cancer treatment up at Penn.
Stay strong Oskar !
God Bless.

Michael Pellegrino

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