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Eagles Officially Penalize DeSean Jackson

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By Paul Bowman, Sports Talk Philly Editor

On Tuesday, new broke on DeSean Jackson deciding to quote Hitler in his Instagram stories.

Though he apologized later in the day, things were surely not done with the situation.

In the team's original statement, they said that they would continue to monitor the situation. After speaking with Jackson and learning more about the situation, the Eagles have made their decision.

The team's latest statement was posted on Friday afternoon.

While no official punishment is mentioned, the lack of an announcement of a suspension or release likely means that Jackson will be paying a fine.

A fine was the easiest punishment for the Eagles to pass down with the ghosts of how the Riley Cooper situation was handled lingering around.

Notably, the statement also mentions that the team has spoken to teammates, likely Marquise Goodwin and Malik Jackson who made their own comments supporting Jackson's original anti-semitic posts and have caught some flack of their own.

The team also says they will continue to lay out steps for Jackson to inform himself, among which are meetings he had scheduled with a holocaust survivor and may include the trip that he has organized with Jewish receiver Julian Edelman to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

This is certainly not the conclusion of the situation, but it seems that for the time being, the team plans to have Jackson on the field week one, assuming there is a 2020 season.


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