Jackson Posts Video Apology Following Instagram Posts

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By Paul Bowman, Sports Talk Philly Editor

On Monday, veteran receiver DeSean Jackson posted anti-semitic comments from a quote that were supposedly quotes from Hitler.

Although the quote was not actually from Hitler, the quotes were still offensive and were no less so when Jackson reposted a portion of the original again in an attempt to emphasize the point he was going for.

In the teams original statement on the issue, they said that they had spoken to the veteran and would continue to evaluate the situation.

Jackson, shortly after the team’s announcement, released his own apology on Instagram.

In the video, he states that his message was to uplift the African-American community and that he did not understand the original point of the quotes.

Jackson also said that African-Americans and Jewish people have both been discriminated against and should unite their causes to fight racism and anti-semitism.

Although he said he did not understand the point of the quotes originally, it’s a pretty rule of thumb that you shouldn’t spread or post quotes from Hitler.

The team is likely to take some sort of action other than the above statement in the coming days.