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Eagles "Healthy Scratch" Player on Verge of a Contract Incentive, Pay Him Anyway

By Michael Lipinski, Sports Talk Philly Contributor

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Steven Nelson was set to become $375,000 richer by playing in last Saturday’s game against Dallas. The week 18 matchup would’ve triggered a contract clause giving Nelson a bonus but he was made a healthy scratch. No play, no money. It’s one of the nasty sides of the NFL contract game except the Eagles didn’t play into it.

Per ESPN's Field Yates, knowing that they were going to make Nelson a healthy scratch, the Eagles quietly slid Nelson a $375,000 signing bonus to make up for the “missed” incentive.   That’s one way for an organization to build loyalty with their players.

Nelson, who was signed as a free agent this past offseason, has quietly been one of the Eagles better defensive players.  He’s accumulated 47-tackes, seven passes defensed, and one interception on the season.



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Didn't they HAVE to do this because they could have been sued for not acting in good faith over the contract?

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