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By Michael Lipinski, Sports Talk Philly Contributor

Major football news broke on November 22 when Fox Sports announced the return of the United States Football League (USFL) after a 37-year absence.  Little was known about the league at the time of the announcement other than the teams that would make up the revived USFL.  We now have more information, particularly the league “draft,” training camp dates, and an interesting caveat regarding league eligibility. 

As first reported by Philly Stars Blog and confirmed by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, a memo was sent to all NFL Players Association contract advisors advising (ironically) that a “player selection meeting” will take place on February 22-23.  In order to be eligible for the fancy titled draft, the player must sign with the league prior to that date.  An interesting rule for the USFL is what age a player is eligible to be drafted into the league. 


In a break from traditional football thinking, the USFL will allow any player to be eligible if they’ve graduated from high school in 2020 or earlier.  In theory, a player can opt out of college after two years and join the league.  This caveat is something to keep an eye on especially in the age of the NCAA transfer portal. 

A few other notes, training camps will open on March 21 and the season will kick off in April with games on Fox Sports and NBC.  Each team will have a 38-player active roster and a seven person practice squad.  Players will be paid by the league and will be eligible to receive “win bonuses.”


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I liked the USFL, the players loved to play& were not overpaid millionaire!! Good luck with them today and future, hope they have some great times and better referees!!! Been watching the in the NFL, & saw a lot of screwed games these playoffs!!! John in CA.


Absolutely EVERYBIDY involved in the original USFL WILL EVENTUALLY US THE EORD@FUN” when talking about the experience kets hop and hat continues without hare-brained schemes yo for force a merger with the NFL!!


Absolutely EVERYBIDY involved in the original USFL WILL EVENTUALLY USeTHE EORD@FUN” when talking about the experience kets hope that continues without hare-brained schemes tofor forcemerger with the NFL!!


So sick of perv/woke/fake/greedy NFL... will be refreshing to have a new start with hopefully a normal league going back to why people wanted to watch the game in the first place.. FOR THE GAME, not the crap that goes with it.. THE GAME... and hopefully, all the sissy new "rules" and flag penalties will be tossed. Time for a reset button.

Most of NFL is now just a hollywood show.. its gross.. The game is just an after thought.

Will T

Hello there, love the photo, it is rare you see a clear original USFL picture. I believe the player pictured is Allen Harvin. Curious, I am a photography hobbyist. Any ideas on how I could get sideline access during a game. Who would I contact within the Philadelphia Stars organization? I will work just for the experience. Thank you

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