Alec Bohm Doesn’t Get Boo’d Out of Citizens Bank Park

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By Michael Lipinski, Sports Talk Philly Editor

It’s been an interesting two days for the Phillies third baseman Alec Bohm.  The 25-year old started Monday’s 5-4 Phillies win recording three errors in three consecutive innings.  These weren’t just minor throwing errors either.  We’re talking about “what the hell is going on out here” type of plays.  

If that weren't bad enough, Bohm's reaction to the fans "South Philly" cheer when he finally made a routine play made the whole thing even worse.  


If you can't read lips, Bohm said: "I fuckin’ hate this place.”

The reaction from the interwebs was, well, it was something else and the hate continued all day Tuesday on the various sports radio outlets. 

Bohm, despite admitting he said it and apologizing, immediately became public enemy number one.  In fact, he was mentioned with the same disdain as players like Scott Rolen, Rod "I won't block the plate" Barajas, and Adam "Ring Thief" Eaton.  

It was amazing that certain sports radio blowhards didn’t advocate filling a bus with 30 idiots and driving down to South Philly to boo the guy. 

So, after a day of bashing how would the fans react to Bohm if/when he made an appearance during Tuesday’s game? Would they reign down boo’s like batteries at J.D. Drew or would they recognize that Bohm was the catalyst for the Phillies improbable five-run 8th inning on Monday night?

It was, and rightfully so, the latter of the two. 

Bohm received a nice ovation from the 26,045 in attendance on Tuesday night. Some even took to their feet to show their appreciation and support. 

That’s nice work by the Phillies fans in attendance. 

The kid messed up, fessed up, apologized and it’s now time to move on.  Unless you’re a sports radio host that needs to use faux outrage to garner the ratings.  In that case here you go:  “can you believe the fans cheered this guy?! He hates us! Give us a call at…”

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