Rodney McLeod Goes to the Colts, Tyrann Mathieu Talks Linger

By Jennifer McGraw, Sports Talk Philly Contributor

Late Friday afternoon, multiple Twitter sources announced that Philadelphia Eagles safety and co-founder of the "Change Our Future" foundation, Rodney McLeod would be heading to the Indianapolis Colts.

Though McLeod was not a major big-name player on the team, he aided in a lot of the Eagles' success over the years, including leading them to their first Super Bowl win in the 2017 season. He was signed as an undrafted free agent by the St. Louis Rams in 2012, but four short years later, he landed in Philly and hasn't looked back.

Over the course of his six years on the Eagles, McLeod had 11 interceptions for 147 yards, four forced fumbles, 347 tackles, 239 solos and eight tackles for loss. At the end of the 2021 season, McLeod had two remarkable back-to-back interceptions that helped make it easier for the team to get into the playoffs. 

McLeod had major success on the field and has been a consistent asset to the Eagles' defense, but maybe some of his greatest achievements off the field bloomed from his work with the Philadelphia community.

Rodney and his wife, Erika, both founded the "Change Our Future" foundation after finding love for giving back in St. Louis.

"It started in the community there, getting involved, that's something that was always a part of Erika and I," said Rodney in a previous interview.

The two were excited to come to Philadelphia as it made sense with their location and jobs. The McLeods found a love of the city and always got to work on giving a voice to the voiceless. As Philadelphia youth struggle with educational inequality, lack of school funding, career resources and mentors, the McLeods worked to create something that would address those issues.

The McLeods started the "Change Our Future" foundation at the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic to do exactly just that.

"We're proud to bring attention to the issues that matter most to us and the footprints we want to leave behind," Rodney said.

Another issue they addressed, with the help of the Philadelphia Eagles organization, was gun violence.

"What keeps me encouraged is that [the youth] want to get out and do something about it. They want to use their voice for good," Rodney said.

One of the ways the McLeods raised money for the foundation was through their Sneaker Ball in December of last year. Those in attendance could get dressed up and rock their favorite pair of sneakers. It was a night of donating toys, sneakers and money that would go directly back to the children.

The 2021 Sneaker Ball raised over $250,000.

Though there will be an adjustment to not seeing Rodney McLeod in the midnight green in the upcoming season, Eagles fans are taking this news as a sign that Tyrann Mathieu will be the new defensive asset. There have been multiple talks of the Eagles pursuing the former Chiefs safety.

If the deal can get done to get Mathieu in midnight (or kelly) green, this would be one of the most impactful Eagles offseason moves this year so far.