Eagledelphia To Break Away From Sports Talk Philly

Philadelphia, PA, August 13, 2022 — The Eagledelphia brand, along with other sister organizations Philliedelphia, Flyerdelphia, and Sixerdelphia, have rebranded themselves to focus more directly on their own names.

For over 20 years, Eagledelphia has been a part of the overall SportsTalkPhilly platform. While some relationship between the two organization may continue to exist, the SportsTalkPhilly brand has been acquired by Finixio. Since the Eagledelphia brand was not included in this sale, it will remain a separate entity and branding will be changed reflect the Eagledelphia name and remove the SportsTalkPhilly name.

“While the team at Eagledelphia is currently still working with SportsTalkPhilly, this may not always be the case. By making this move, we are ensuring that even if that relationship is severed, fans can continue to access the same content from their favorite writers via the Eagledelphia brand,” editor Paul Bowman stated.

A proud pillar of coverage for the Super Bowl LII Champion team, Eagledelphia has been bringing fans high-quality coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles and topics relevant to the team since 2003.

Once allowed by their support team, a name change will take place on Facebook. Our page, located here, will change it’s name from “Philadelphia Eagles Coverage on Sports Talk Philly” to “Eagledelphia: Philadelphia Eagles Coverage”