Chris Maragos Awarded $43.5 Million In Lawsuit

Bill Streicher, USA TODAY Sports

Chris Maragos got a big win even when the 2022-23 Eagles could not. On Monday, the former Eagles captain was awarded $43.5 million by the jury.

Maragos had been suing Dr. James Bradley and Rothman Orthopedics. Bradley is to pay $29.2 million and Rothman to pay $14.3 million.

An eight-year veteran of the NFL, Maragos spent the last four seasons of his career with Philadelphia and became a captain of the special teams during that time. He suffered a knee injury during the Eagles 2017 season and never played again, being released following the 2018 season.

Over his career, he had registered 93 tackles and a forced fumble. He had made just over $10 million throughout his eight-year career, so the settlement is over four times his career earnings.

The lawsuit does also allege continued problems for Maragos after his playing career as well as additional surgeries that have been needed and more that may be needed.

There was no doubt that the injury ended his playing career earlier than he would have retired without the injury, but the question being raised was whether Dr. James Bradley and his team attempted to prioritize getting Maragos back to the team quickly over taking care of his patient’s (Maragos’) long-term health.

Of course, there may have been some bias in this case. The case took place in Philadelphia and saw players like Nick Foles and Jordan Hicks testify to a jury that was in the midst of watching the Eagles go to and then lose the Super Bowl.

Ultimately, the jury deliberated for just a few hours before awarding the settlement to Maragos.