Phillies Acquire Esteban Quiroz From Cubs

Katie Stratman, USA TODAY Sports

Lost among the concern and news regarding Rhys Hoskins Thursday was a trade between the Chicago Cubs and the Phillies.

The team acquired Esteban Quiroz from the Cubs in the afternoon on Thursday in exchange for cash considerations.

Quiroz played in the Mexican league from 2011-2017 and was eventually signed by the Red Sox into AA. Since then, he’s spent one minor league season with the Padres AAA team, one season (and the cancelled minor league COVID season) with the Rays AAA and then a year with the Cubs AAA.

Quiroz got his first few major league at bats (40) with the Cubs last season, posting 11 hits, four walks and nine strikeouts.

While his 2019 and 2021 AAA seasons showed he could be an above average batter, he took a step back in 2022 and posted a slash line of .212/.358/.322. You’d have to go back to his 2013 Mexican League season to see him post stats that bad.

Quiroz doesn’t really have much of a shot at cracking the roster, particularly joining the team this late into Spring Training, but he should provide the team with another infielder to provide depth at the upper levels of the minor league system.