Tail or Bail: Best Bets for the Phillies Up

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Opening Day is coming up quickly after what felt like ages since the Phillies’ historic World Series run. We got glimpses of just how star-studded this Phillies team will be this season. For that reason, it might be worth throwing a little money on some of these picks for the season.

Bail: World Series (+1600)

Dare I call this a hot take, but I don’t even think the Astros make it back to the World Series. I think the AL has a lot of talent and might see someone else take the AL Pennant. I’m not saying I don’t have faith in the Phillies, but I wouldn’t take it at this price. I wouldn’t put money on a World Series future this soon.

Tail: NL Pennant (+700) and NL East Winner (+300)

Now, in total opposition to the argument I made above, I would put money on the Phillies to take the NL Pennant. I see so much good happening for the team, especially with the earlier-than-anticipated return of Bryce Harper. If the Phillies play with the same fire they had last season and we see the moves they made benefit the team, I don’t see a reason for them not to win the division and pennant.

Tail: Trea Turner MVP (+1000)

I’m not a fan of any MLB futures right now, but I don’t hate this one. With the new bases and Turner’s dominating capability to steal bases and what we saw during the World Baseball Classic, I think it’s worth throwing him in the MVP conversation. This might be a future to keep an eye on early. 

Bail: Harper MVP (+6600)

I think because of his injury, the chances for MVP might tarnish his chances of getting the MVP. Who knows? He might come back and hit it out of the park (literally) like last season and could take the award. But like with the World Series bet, I think it’s too soon to put money into this future.

Tail: 89.5 O/U wins (-110)

Doable, and we got close to this total last year. In 2021, the team won 82 games. In 2022, they won 87. They’re trending up, so I don’t see why they couldn’t get over 89.5 this year. We know this Phillies team is capable of winning over 80 games, but by that point, BetMGM will move the win total up. It’s safer to take the over now.

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