Union Coach Jim Curtin wants to keep building something special

Chester, PA: Whenever you play in a very tough game for a chance to play for a championship, it’s going to take a couple of days to figure out what went right or wrong. That is what the Philadelphia Union is going through after they fell to LAFC in the Semifinals of the Champions League and now return to MLS play this weekend.

On Thursday, head coach Jim Curtin would speak as the Union will prepare for battle with New York Red Bulls on Saturday from Red Bull Arena.

Jim started his press conference by saying that some of his quotes that were said in the loss to LAFC  were taken out of context.

One big thing that Jim Curtin would announce that the Philadelphia Union would release some of their players to take part in the U20 World Cup.

Later on, Jim Curtin would say that he wants to go back to what made the Union what they are: built from homegrown talent. He wants to keep making Subaru Park one of the best venues in MLS.

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Kickoff for Saturday’s battle with the New York Red Bulls is at 7:30 p.m. on Apple TV.