2011: The Season of Our Lives

Posted by Stephen Gallo

Courtesy newstwa.com

If you’re reading this post, then you’re a die-hard Phillies fan. It wasn’t long ago that you were sitting in your seat at the Vet, surrounded by empties, wondering just how our baseball team could become so bad. It took perseverance to hang in there, and we’d dream of a day when our Phillies would be relevant again.

That day has been here for a few years now. However, this season in particular, should be known as the season of our lives. Ruben has taken this team over and put together the best roster we’ve ever seen in our red pinstripes. We’ve reached Yankee and Red Sox status as far as respect from around the league.

We have one of the best ballparks in the game that will undoubtedly be without an empty seat for the second full season in a row. Pat yourself on the back Philly; you’re living in the new baseball heaven. Just ask Cliff Lee.

The whole country knows about our “Four Aces” (or should I say Phour?) and the expectations that will undoubtedly be following this team around all year. As for the position players, our core group is getting older and this is definitely a “show me what you’ve still got left” year for a few players like Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley and Raul Ibanez. We have a former all-star at six out of our eight everyday positions. That’s just impressive.

The following key players may very well be gone next year: Raul, Jimmy, Ryan Madson, Brad Lidge, and Roy Oswalt. I think barring a couple miracles, Raul, Lidge, and Oswalt are definitely gone.

Can Ryan Howard find his 50 homerun power again? Another question that’s just as important; who will protect him in the lineup? Can Roy Halladay match his Cy Young award winning season of 2010? Can Utley and Placido Polanco prove that they’re 100% healthy and stay that way? Will Dominic Brown (or as I call him, “The Phenom”) prove that he’s major league ready, and stay in the show for good? All of these questions will find their answers once the regular season begins.

The marathon that is the baseball season, filled with the highs of walk-off wins and complete game shutouts by one of the “Phour”, as well as the lows of injuries, heart breaking losses and rainouts, begins on April 1st.

Any real fan knows that while the season lasts for most of the calendar year, unfortunately it will also be over in the blink of an eye. This could be the greatest mix of pitchers and position players that we will ever have in our great city. Enjoy every second of it.

This is the season of our lives.