Pennsylvania Online Lottery in 2023 – Top PA Lottery Bonus Codes

2017 brought about numerous changes to the Pennsylvania online gambling landscape. In that year, Bill 271 paved the way for the introduction of legal online casinos and poker rooms. It also expanded the PA lottery online. Thanks to this new law, residents and adults visiting the State can now participate in lotteries without needing to visit a betting shop.

In this guide, we’ve explained the different types of Pennsylvania lottery games available and how you can play them. We’ve also included helpful information regarding payments and outlined top promotions and bonuses.

PA Lottery Bonus Codes

By joining the PA online lottery site, you’ll receive a no deposit bonus followed by a welcome offer and several ongoing promotions. Below, we’ve outlined three of the most popular rewards to give you a better understanding of the benefits of signing up.

No Deposit Bonus

Eligible players who sign up to the PA Lottery page today will be greeted with a $5 no deposit bonus. To claim it, all you need to do is register your account and enter our exclusive bonus code. Once your information has been vetted, you’ll receive your bonus right after.

Bonus name Bonus amount Promo code Rollover Minimum deposit
No Deposit Welcome Bonus Get a $5 bonus for signing up N/A 1x N/A

Welcome Bonus

Once you’ve used your no deposit PA lottery bonus code you can unlock the most valuable offer on the site. The Pennsylvania lottery site will provide you with a 100% match of your first deposit, up to $500. This promotion is only valid on your first payment.

Bonus name Bonus amount Promo code Rollover Minimum deposit
Welcome Bonus Get a 100% match of up to $500 N/A 10x $10

Reload Bonus

The PA lottery online keeps on rewarding you for every deposit that you place following your first one. You can participate in several ongoing promotions, though the most popular is the reload offer that boosts your deposit with a $10 bonus.

Bonus name Bonus amount Promo code Rollover Minimum deposit
Reload Bonus Get a $10 boost with every deposit N/A 10x $10

PA iLottery VIP Players Club

The Pennsylvania lottery online platform operates a VIP Club which every player is automatically enrolled in upon registration. As a member of this Club, you’ll benefit from several additional rewards, including cashback of up to 20% and access to Second Chance games.

Is the Pennsylvania Lottery Legal?

PA Lottery Online

Yes, the PA lottery online, better known as the iLottery, is operating according to State laws. Bill 271 was signed into law in 2017 by Gov. Wolf. You can register an account and gamble safely online as long as you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Are a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Are physically located in Pennsylvania when you sign up and log in.
  • Are not on any forced or voluntary exclusion list.

While the minimum gambling age to play the Pennsylvania lottery online is 18 years, you must be 21 years or older to join PA online casinos.

How to Sign Up for PA Lottery Account

Before you can play any Pennsylvania lottery games on the iLottery site, you’ll need to register an account. In the following section, we’ve outlined how to sign up to play the lottery online and claim your first bonus.

Step 1: Open the Registration Form

Visit the PA lottery page and click on ‘Join’. Enter the required information and choose a strong password to protect your account.

PA Lottery Sign Up Step 1

Step 2: Provide the Required Information

Keep on filling in the Pennsylvania lottery registration form by providing your name, address, and mobile number.

PA Lottery Sign Up Step 2

Step 3: Enter Your First Promo Code

Complete registration by entering the last four digits of your Social Security Number and choosing password recovery prompts. Below these, you can place any applicable promo code, such as the one that will provide you with a $20 no deposit bonus.

Step 4: Verify Your Details

Unless the platform can automatically verify your details, you’ll be asked to upload a government-issued ID to confirm the information provided. Once you complete this step, you’ll be able to place your first deposit.

Step 5: Place a Deposit

Choose one of the available banking options to place your first deposit. Enter the required payment information and a relevant bonus code, such as the one that provides you with a 100% match of up to $500. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete your payment.

PA Lottery Sign Up Step 5

Step 6: Play Pennsylvania Lottery Online

Once the funds have reached your account you’ll be able to start playing available games. Browse through the available games and select the one that you wish to join. If you decide to play a virtual game, you may have the option to play it in demo mode before switching to real money mode.

Play PA Lottery Online

PA Lottery Apps

The Pennsylvania lottery online is available across web browsers and mobile apps. In addition to participating in Powerball and other lotteries, these platforms offer several games developed by Scientific Games and other software providers.

You can download the Android or iOS PA lottery app directly from Google Play or the App Store respectively. If the app is unavailable from either of these sites, you will find it on the iLottery website. In line with State laws, you must be in Pennsylvania to access and use the apps.

Currently, the PA lottery app for Android requires Google Android 4.0.x or higher. The minimum requirement for iPhone and iPad systems is iOS version 6.

Pennsylvania Lottery Games

When you register a PA lottery account, you’ll get access to more than just popular draw games. This site features a selection of instant win games, many of which you can try for free as well as play for real money.

Unfortunately, unlike PA Keno casinos, this platform does not offer online Keno or other games, such as Fast Draw or Xpress Sports. As yet, these game categories are exclusively available offline from authorized retailers.


The PA Lottery Powerball game is one of the platform’s most popular draws. This draw is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 11.20 pm ET. To participate in this draw, you must purchase a ticket before 9.59 pm on the respective draw days. To fill in your game panel, simply pick five numbers between 1 and 69 from the top grid and one number from 1 to 26 from the bottom grid. This last number is your Powerball number.

If you don’t wish to pick your own PA Lottery Powerball numbers, you can activate the Quick Pick Option to have a random number generator pick your numbers for you.

In addition to playing the standard version of the Powerball, you can add an extra layer of excitement by activating the Power Play option. In doing so, you will have the opportunity of increasing your winnings if the Power Play number matches your guess. Alternatively, or in addition, you can activate the Double Play option to get a second chance at winning with your chosen numbers.

Online Mega Millions

The Mega Millions draw features a minimum jackpot of $20 million and takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays. The cut-off time to buy a ticket is 9.55 pm on the day of the draw. To play this PA lottery game, you should first decide how many tickets to buy and whether you would like to participate in just a single draw or a number of draws across several weeks.

For every Mega Millions card, you need to select five numbers that range between 1 and 70. You also need to pick your Mega Ball number from 1 to 25. You can also activate the Megaplier feature to boost any winnings by 5x. If you’re not sure which numbers to pick, you can activate Quick Pick to have a computer choose them randomly for you.

Other PA Online Lottery Draw Games

In addition to Powerball and Mega Millions, the PA Lottery online platform lets you play several other draws. Gameplay for these games is very similar as you only need to try and guess as many numbers as possible. If you’re not sure which numbers to pick, you can use the Quick Pick feature to get a computer to choose them for you.

PA Lottery Instant Games

There are over 50 instant win games available on the PA Lottery online platform. These games are similar to popular online slots as in they are easy to play and don’t require any skill or strategy. Moreover, they are available 24/7 and can accept different bets and provide different payouts.

To start playing these instant win games, all you need to do is select the value of your wager and press ‘Play’. Depending on the game, a random action will take place and if it’s successful, you’ll get a payout. This action could be the landing of identical symbols in a cluster, the passing of radioactive liquid to a cash prize, or any other creative process.

PA Lottery Instant Win

Below, you can view a list of all the current instant games that you can play on the PA lottery online platform:

Instant Games Description
A Dragon’s Story A match 3-style game. Here players can stand a chance to unlock five free games by matching three jewel symbols.
Bake it Til You Make it A match 3-style game. Players can enjoy a bonus game, a chance to win an instant cash prize, and a ten times multiplier.
Big Diamond A key number match style game, with three separate bonus games.
Big Money Slingo A fun bingo-style game where players win when lining up five or more numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
Bigfoot Reveal A match-three style game where players must match three or more like symbols on a grid.
Cash Avalanche A connect-style game with an exciting five-times multiplier just waiting to reveal itself.
Cash Buster Bonus A collect-style game. Here players can enjoy two separate bonus mini-games and a chance to claim Instant win prizes
Cash Buster Extreme Another collect-style game, also with two separate bonus mini-games.Players win by destroying five or more adjacent blocks.
Cash Buster Towers A collect-style game where players must bust the blocks in the six towers to move the prize square to the bottom. They can then win the prize shown.
Cash in the Lamp A match-style game. To win players must reveal three or more of the same symbol diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.
Cash Word Bonus A key letter match crossword-style game that features a bonus game.
Cauldron of Cash A match-style game with high stakes and a chance to win instant prizes.
Count de Money A key symbol match-style game, with multipliers of up to 10 times and a vampire theme.
Creepy Cash A collect style game where players must collect five or more like symbols to win. An auto-play button is included for 20 auto rounds.
Crossword Cash Based on the traditional crossword, players win here when they complete three or more matched words.
Doubloons Doubler A connect-style game where players can unlock three unique levels offering free games.
Diner Dollars A match and key symbol match-style game with instant wins and a 10 times multiplier up for grabs.
Fast Buck Basketball Three exciting games in one, where players must reveal a trophy, match three like-prize values, and match two like symbols.
Fast Buck Lucky Three exciting games in one, where players must reveal a rainbow symbol, match three like-prize values, and match two like symbols.
Foxin’Wins Reveal A match three game where three like symbols revealed equals a win, and players earn free games when three pot of gold symbols are revealed.
Foxin’Wins Again A multi-match game that sees players matching three or four like symbols to win the shown prize.
Fruit Loot Four games in one, where players must reveal a stack of cash and match up like symbols to win.
Gifts Galore A connect and collect game where players can win instant prizes and unlock several multipliers.
Gone Fishin’ A connect-style game where players can win instant prizes and unlock free games
Gorillas Go Wild A match three game. Players must reveal three like symbols to win or reveal three temple symbols to activate the mini bonus games.
Halloween Ba$h A fun Halloween-themed connect-style game where players can unlock a 50x multiplier.
Lightning Bucks This key number match-style game allows players to unlock two bonus games and stan a chance to multiply their winnings up to 10 times.
Lucky You Try your luck with this key symbol match-style game. Here, you can access two bonus games and a fun multiplier.
Home for the Holly-Days A match three-style game with a bonus game and a 10 times multiplier.
Jungle Tumble A multi-match-style game with two mini bonus games included and a five times multiplier.
Money Night Football This match three-style game offers free games and a five times multiplier.
Monster Wins Reveal A match three or match four style game where players win when they match three or four like symbols.
Monopoly This key number match-style game is based on the famed board game of the same name and offers instant wins.
Pennsylvania Payday A match three-style game with bonus games and instant win prizes.
Pennsylvania Payout A key number match-style game. Win the prize shown when you get your gold stars to match up with a winning number.
Pharaoh’s Multiplier This Ancient Egyptian-themed key symbol match-style game offers a two times and five times multiplier.
Prospector’s Gold A match-style game where players can unlock five free games and several multipliers.
Rainbow Fortunes Win this match-style game when you match up any three like symbols vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
Red Hot Keno Interactive Keno, where players must match up to 10 numbers. 20 figures are drawn between 0-80. Players whose numbers match, win.
Robin Hood: Prince of Tweets A match three or match four-style game where players must match up three or four like symbols to win.
Robo Riches A match tree-style game with a five times multiplier.
Screamin’ 7s This match-style game comes with a hidden 50 times multiplier and the chance to uncover a free symbol.
Super CashBuster This collect-style game comes with two mini-games and loads of ways to win instant prizes.
Super Gems A collect-style game with two mini bonus games. Win here by collecting a cluster of five or more of the same gem.
The Wizard of Oz A connect-syle game based on the popular book, here players can unlock five free games.
Toucan Win A fun connect-style game with three exciting levels. Here, players stand a chance to double their winnings.
Volcano This collect-style game comes with two mini games and six free-play games.
Volcano Eruption Reveal A match three game where three like symbols revealed equals a win and three volcano bonus symbols activate the free game.
Wild Run Reveal A match three or match four-style game where players revealing three or four matching symbols can win big.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory A connect-style game with bonus games, free games, and multipliers.

PA Lottery Payouts

You can win a variety of potential prizes by participating in the PA lottery draws or instant win games. Below, we’ve highlighted the main payouts available from the site’s top games. However, it’s important to take in to account the taxes on your lottery winnings, you can check our lottery winnings calculator for more information.


PA lottery payouts from the Powerball draw range from $4 to the jackpot. You can win fixed prizes if you correctly guess the Powerball number, a minimum number of non-Powerball numbers, or a combination of the two. As we’re writing this guide, the value of the jackpot is $546 million.

PA Powerball Lottery Payouts

Mega Millions

You can win a Mega Millions prize just by correctly guessing the Mega Ball number. In such cases, you’ll win back the value of your ticket. Potential payouts from this draw range from $2 all the way up to the jackpot. The next Mega Millions jackpot at the time of writing this PA Lottery guide is $400 million.

PA Mega Millions Lottery Payouts

Other Draws

Potential payouts vary from one draw to another. While some games, such as Treasure Hunt, feature smaller payouts with a maximum of $12,000, others, such as Cash4Life, provide a maximum of $1,000 per day, for life.

Pennsylvania Lottery Instant Wins

PA lottery instant games provide a range of payouts according to their paytables and your wager. In some cases, such as in the Molecular Money game, you can win up to $10,000. Others, such as the Big Top Quest game, offer a progressive jackpot that can climb to values of $300k or higher.

Are Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch Offs Available Online?

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch Offs, also known as scratchcards, are not available online for real money. However, this site does offer demo versions of real cards that you can play using your mouse. These demo games give you an opportunity to become familiar with the game’s rules and potential payouts prior to purchasing your first card.

Just like with Keno, Fast Play, and other Pennsylvania Lottery offline games, you can also play Scratch Offs with real money by visiting an authorized retailer.

Pennsylvania Lottery Scratch Offs

PA Lottery Banking Options

The PA online lottery site and mobile apps allow you to deposit and withdraw funds using a variety of secure payment methods. This platform takes its security very seriously and implements various encryption and privacy tools to protect sensitive user data and payment information.

In the table below, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of different payment options that are available. Most deposit options have a minimum limit of $10 and are also available for withdrawals.

Payment Method About Examples
Debit & Credit Cards
  • Instant deposits.
  • Popular and familiar.
  • Slow payouts.
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
Bank Transfers / eChecks
  • Transfer times vary by provider.
  • Additional charges may apply.
  • Ideal for high-value transfers.
  • ACH
  • PayNearMe
  • Play+
  • Instant transfers.
  • Ideal for mobiles.
  • Can be expensive to top-up.
  • PayPal

While most deposits are processed instantly, withdrawals can take up to 72 hours to pass internal checks. Once approved, payout times vary according to your chosen banking options.

The PA Lottery – A Brief History

The Pennsylvania Lottery has existed in some form since 1972. Tickets started being sold on March 7 and the first draw took place on March 15. Since its launch, a minimum of 40% of proceeds have gone towards helping the State’s senior citizens.

The PA Lottery did not undergo any extensive changes until 2017 when the State legalized online casino games and added a special online lottery clause. Through this clause, the State Lottery was allowed to start operating online, selling tickets for draws and offering instant win games. The iLottery launched in June 2018 and provided over $1.1 billion to its partner charities following its first fiscal year.

Unlike online casinos that are regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the PA Lottery is governed by the PA House of Representatives Gaming Oversight Committee. Nevertheless, the organization is committed to safeguarding players and adheres to responsible gaming best practices that are set out by the PGCB.

Play the PA Lottery Online Today

The PA iLottery site offers plenty of fun and enticing games and draws that you can play 24/7. Whether you connect through the Pennsylvania lottery app or through the desktop site, you’ll be able to participate in multi-million-dollar draws or play games with instant payouts.

Register your Pennsylvania Lottery online account today to benefit from an exciting, $5 no deposit bonus followed by a matched offer worth up to $500.

FAQs About the PA Lottery

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