A spooky Dallas Week! (feat. Josh McNutt of The Missing Linc)


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It is a Halloween edition of the Kelly Green Hour. LJ (@ljharrell54) and Connor (@connorten) are joined by the host of the Missing Linc, Josh McNutt (@JoshMcNutt24). 

We review the victory of the Giants, talk the impending trade deadline and preview one of our two favorite weeks of the year, Dallas Week #1!

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The Great Loss of Pennsylvania: Steelers Recap and Ravens Preview

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LJ (@ljharrell54) and Connor (@connorten) are back to recap a tough Eagles loss to Chase Clay... We mean the Pittsburgh Steelers. LJ rants about Nate Gerry, we talk Chase Claypool's breakout game, Howie's unrelenting control of player personnel and more!

We also look ahead to another tough matchup this week against Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. We talk key matchups, keys to victory and the impact of Fridays final injury report.

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Was it a tie or was it a loss?

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LJ (@ljharrell54) and Connor (@connorten) are back with a new episode of the Kelly Green Hour! We take a dive into the Bengals tie, who is to blame for Wentz early season struggles and look towards the 49ers and a week 4 matchup where the Eagles look to get their first win of the season. Follow us on twitter @kellygreenhour and rate and review the show wherever you listen!

Can we get a Victory Green Hour already?

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LJ (@ljharrell54) and Connor (@connorten) dig into what went wrong against the LA Rams in week 2 and dive into the disconnect between Wentz and Pederson. We also review the upcoming game in week 3 against the Cincinnati Bengals. LJ and Connor look to move on from the sadness and surrows of losing and talk key matchups and how to win against the Bengals! Don't forget to rate, review and follow @kellygreenhour.

The Kelley Green Hour: Oh Dear Linc, We wish we could be there!


Lj (@ljharrell54) and Connor (@connorten) are back to review a very tough week at the office against the Washington Football Team and preview this weeks matchup against the LA Rams. We talk the Rams infinite salary cap, Carson Wentz and Doug Pederson's needs to adjust and some key matchups to look out for! Listen, rate and review and follow us on Twitter @kellygreenhour!