The Goal Line Stand: No Love for Doug Pederson & It's Time for a Re-brand in DC

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Brett & Mike discuss why Doug Pederson gets no love on NFL coaching lists and they take to task a list of "Worst College Football Stadiums" by Money Wire.

Plus: -

  • NFL off-season changes continue
  • Will the rest of the NCAA follow the lead of the Ivy League when they move to a Spring season 
  • Can/Should the Giants pay Saquon Barkley
  • What's a May 5th tender and does it come with fries 
  • It's time for Washington to re-brand


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The Goal Line Stand: Delay of Game? Are We Looking at a Delayed Football Season?

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Delay of game?!? Are we looking at a delayed start to the NFL and NCAA football seasons? 

In the Red Zone, Mike & Brett debate Chris Simms's "Top 40 QB's Now" list


• Where does Greg Ward fit for the Eagles
• Remembering Jerome Brown

Around the NFC East

• Eli moving into the Giants front office?
• What Dak Prescott's franchise tender means for the Cowboys and their future finances
• Washington to retire Bobby Mitchell’s number & tear down imagery of founder and known racist George Preston Marshall


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The Goal Line Stand: Off-Season Observations

The GL Stand FB

The Doc & Brett return in the season debut of The Goal Line Stand to discuss the newsworthy off-season.

• How will football look in the time of COVID.

• The Eagles needs to replace Brandon Brooks. How should they do it?

• Do the Giants have a discipline problem & is Dave Gettleman to blame?

• Jamal Adams wants out of NYC. Who are the likely dance partners with the Jets?!  Do the Eagles or Cowboys make more sense?

• Brett has 17 teams that Colin Kaepernick is a fit for

• Can Spring football be successful? Brett thinks the NFL should focus on saving the CFL.


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Section 247 Show: The Worst Mistake in Philadelphia Eagles History

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The Doc & Watkins are back in debate mode and this time they’re debating the Birds! What’s the worst decision the Eagles have ever made and why are there so many!?!



• How to replace Brandon Brooks

• Latest on baseball’s failure to launch

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Section 247 Show: Imperfect- A Discussion about Roy Halladay

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The Doc & Watkins are joined by special guest Bob Sharpe, formerly of Rant Sports, to discuss ESPN's E60 on all-time Phillies great Roy Halladay.  How shocking was the revelation about the extent of Halladay's drug use and did it change their perception on the man they call Doc. 

Plus- -

  • A quick discussion on the current state of Phillies broadcasters
  • Do the MLB & MLBPA plan on playing baseball this year?!?
  • The NBA & NHL are returning but should they?
  • Thoughts on the playoff structures
  • Does it taint a championship
  • Is Watkins now excited for the return of hockey?!

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Section 247 Show: The Great Football Movie Debate Part Deux!

2020 FB Movie Debate
The Doc & Watkins resumed their Great Football Movie Debate!
On Part Deux:
  • Pick'em Challenge: Which fictional QB would you want to lead your team in the 4th quarter of the title game?
  • Top 5 Fictional Players
  • Top 5 Fictional Coaches
  • Top 5 Fictional Teams
  • Favorite scenes

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Section 247 Show: The Great Football Movie Debate Part Uno

2020 FB Movie Debate

The Doc, Watkins, and the live audience debated the best and most overrated football movies in Part Uno of The Great Football Movie Debate.  Plus which TEAM's should have a movie made about them?  

Part Deux airs LIVE on Tuesday night at 9:05 PM/EDT on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Join the guys as they debate their top 5 fictional players, fictional teams, and fictional coaches! 

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Section 247 Show: NFL Draft Wrap Up Special

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The Doc is joined by NFL scouting expert Brett Halpern, Scouting Academy certified, to breakdown the 2020 NFL Draft. 

  • Were they fans of the new format?
  • Grading the NFC East
  • Winners & Losers Around the NFL
  • Where will key free agents land?

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Mike Mamula isn't a Draft Bust! Here's Ten Eagles Picks That Are

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By Michael Lipinski, Section 247 Show

Let’s get right into it, Mike Mamula gets a bad rap as the Philadelphia Eagles biggest draft bust of all-time.  The 8th overall pick in the 1995 NFL Draft is often called a workout warrior, combine superstar, a waste of a pick, and a bust. Some choose to call Mamula the worst draft pick in Eagles history but it is not the case.

A brief history lesson for those not in the know.

The Eagles traded their first (12th overall) and third round picks to Tampa Bay in order to move up to the eighth pick and take Mamula.  The Boston College star was coming off a senior year in which he compiled 73-tackles, 17-sacks and a unanimous All Big East selection.  He followed with a record setting combine where outperformed almost everyone athletically.  He was considered the perfect complement to defensive stalwarts William Fuller, Andy Harmon and the replacement for Reggie White who left two-seasons prior.  

Through his first four season in Philadelphia, Mamula played in 62-games, 58-games started, recorded 186 total tackles, 26.5 sacks, eight forced fumbles, six fumble recoveries, one interception, and two defensive touchdowns. He added 23-tackles and 5.5 sacks through an injury plagued 2000 season which was his last in the NFL.

Pro Football Reference compares Mamula’s first four years to former Dolphins star and NFL Hall of Famer Jason Taylor.  If you include the injury riddled 2000 season, Mamula’s 5-year's compares to Jacksonville’s Yannick Ngakoue

That is the same Yannick Ngakoue that many Eagles fans were begging for earlier in the off-season. 

Yes, the Eagles should’ve drafted Warren Sapp but they didn’t.  The truth is Mike Mamula was not that bad of a draft pick.

Mamula Stats

In no order here are ten Eagles draft picks that are much worse than Mamula. We are talking REALLY bad even some criminals.


OT Kevin Allen, 1985 1st Round (8th overall)- Kevin Allen lasted one season in the NFL and calling it an epic disaster might be too nice. Allen gave up eight sacks to the New York Giants in his first start. Former coach Buddy Ryan termed Allen a “USFL reject.”  Allen was suspended from the NFL before the 1986 season for repeated cocaine use. He was subsequently jailed for rape, serving 15-months of a 33-year sentence. The Eagles drafted Allen ahead of Pro Bowlers Al Toon, Jim Lachey, Eddie Brown, and Jerry Gray. Allen was also selected ahead of a wide receiver from little known Mississippi Valley State. Jerry Rice went on to be the greatest wide receiver of all-time.  

OT Bernard Williams, 1994 1st Round (14th overall)- Bernard Williams started 16-games for the Eagles on his way to being named to the NFL’s 1994 All-Rookie team. His success in South Philadelphia was short lived however. Williams never played another NFL game after his rookie season due to failed drug tests. He never played in the NFL again. 

DE Jon Harris, 1997 1st Round (25th overall)- Jon Harris played 24-games in the NFL over two seasons and did nothing. He was traded by the Eagles after the 1998 season and never played another game. Notable players drafted after Harris include Pro Bowlers Trevor Pryce (28th), Tiki Barber (36th), and Sam Madison (44th).

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Section 247 Show: The Great Safety Debate. Who's the Greatest Safety of the Last 40-Years?


Facebook during a pandemic is bad for a lot of reasons but some good can come from it too.  A debate raged over the weekend, who is the greatest NFL safety of all-time? There was a ton of love for Brian Dawkins as expected but there was serious consideration for others as well. 


The Doc & Watkins took that question to the airwaves on the latest live stream of the show.


  • In honor of episode #80, who is the greatest #80 in Philly sports history?
  • The MLB has coronavirus realignment plans!
  • Who are the winners & losers of the changes?
  • Thoughts on the universal DH
  • The return of #SchmuckOfTheWeek

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