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At Sports Talk Philly, our mission centers on you, the avid sports fan. We strive to provide you with the best of the best, including:

The latest, most up-to-date sports news and game coverage

At Sports Talk Philly, we offer sports and betting fans current and informative coverage of Pennsylvania’s top sports teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flyers, and Philadelphia 76ers.

The best gambling knowledge and tools

We provide our readers with the best gambling knowledge by featuring in-depth guides and reviews of the top sportsbooks and casinos in PA.

Confidence and understanding

By combining the latest sports news and the top gambling tools to place winning bets we make it simple for our readers to make the most out of the gambling options Pennsylvania has to offer.

What We Do

Sports Talk Philly launched in 2021 and, since then, has grown to become the premiere site for Pennsylvania sports and betting fans. Despite being a relatively new site, Sports Talk Philly has become the trusted go-to for Pennsylvania sports enthusiasts looking for the latest news, updates, and rumors about their favorite PA sports teams.

Through our dedicated team of researchers and writers, we provide up-to-date and comprehensive news articles and game reporting of Pennsylvania’s top sporting teams.

Besides covering the most current coverage of the Philadelphia Eagles, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Flyers, and Philadelphia 76ers, we provide top reviews and tools for sports and casino bettors to use. Whether you’re a sports bettor or a casino-goer, you can find unbiased, in-depth coverage of the top betting options in Pennsylvania here.

Meet The Sports Talk Philly Team

Sports Talk Philly is home to a complement of professional sports and betting writers and researchers. Learn more about our team below:

Kevin Durso Kevin Durso
Sports Editor

4608 Articles

Paul Bowman Paul Bowman
Sports Editor

1086 Articles

Michael Lipinski Michael Lipinski
Sports Editor

654 Articles

Matt Gregan Matt Gregan
Sports Editor

313 Articles

Tal Venada Tal Venada
Sports Editor

135 Articles

Matt Albertson Matt Albertson
Sports Editor

98 Articles

Jeff Quake Jeff Quake
Sports Editor

74 Articles

David Malandra Jr David Malandra Jr
Sports Editor

72 Articles

Jennifer McGraw Jennifer McGraw
Sports Editor

62 Articles

Mitch Nathanson Mitch Nathanson
Sports Editor

42 Articles

Our Gambling Experts

Joe Napier Joe Napier
Sports Editor

5 Articles

Khadija Bilal Khadija Bilal
Sports Editor

34 Articles

Lindsey Jones Lindsey Jones
Sports Editor

11 Articles

Sergio Zammit Sergio Zammit
Sports Editor

16 Articles

Joe Napier

Joe has been a sports betting writer and editor for over five years now. He joined Sportstalkphilly in April 2023, with experience in writing for sites such as GG.co.uk, BasketballInsiders and other trusted and reputable betting platforms.

Khadija Bilal

Khadija, an accomplished author with over a decade of experience under her belt, joined Sports Talk Philly in 2021. Having written for several other betting publications, her expertise lies in the world of online gambling, with a strong focus on online sports betting, helping bettors improve their knowledge and understanding through informative articles

Lindsey Jones

Lindsey is a passionate writer dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise about online gambling, in particular online casinos. She makes an effort to provide readers with articles that are informative and easy to understand. Lindsey joined Sports Talk Philly in 2023, having previously written for sites such as Basketball Insiders, Augusta Free Press, and Business2Community.

Sergio Zammit

Sergio is an online gambling writer with expertise in casino games. One of his fundamental abilities is to simplify complex topics so that anyone understands them. He joined Sports Talk Philly in 2021 after having written for other leading gambling sites

How We Rate the Top Gambling Sites

Providing factual, unbiased reviews and news and offering transparency is a top priority at Sports Talk Philly. For this reason, we use seasoned experts highly knowledgeable in sports and gambling to review and rate the online gambling sites we cover. Our experts combine in-depth research with their know-how to ensure you have access to the best betting sites and casinos.

Gambling Legislation

In addition to providing quality reports, we only offer reviews and details on the best online sportsbooks and casinos in Pennsylvania, which hold licenses from the appropriate regulatory bodies, including the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and The Pennsylvania State Horse and State Harness Racing Commissions . These sites all provide exceptional service delivery and compliance standards, ensuring a high-quality online betting experience.

Responsible Gambling

Gambling is a popular pastime across the globe, and since the launch of online casinos and sportsbooks, the options are endless. While most of us find it nothing more than a bit of fun, it can develop into a more serious problem. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling addiction, we recommend reading our guide on responsible gambling to access several resources.

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