How we Rate: Understand Our 10-Step Site Review Process

Rating and reviewing the best online casinos and sportsbooks is not an easy task. It takes our experts many hours of in-depth research to ensure you get the best possible information. Many factors are considered which influence how a particular site rewards its players.

Our experts are kept busy on a regular basis to review the top sites, as some aspects of the sites change significantly, and we want to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest and are aware of any changes. We at Sports Talk Philly try to remain as transparent as possible with our readers. In this guide we discuss exactly what goes into the review and rating process of our sites.

Our Rating Process

Our experts do in-depth research to ensure you as readers are given the best possible review of the sites. It is not merely a quick and simple task, and many hours are put into the process. They will use each site as a regular player would, by joining the best PA online casinos and following certain steps. We have listed the full process below.

1. Visit the Casino

The first step in the process is to visit the casino. This may seem like a very obvious step but is the one that gets the process started. By visiting the casino, you are able to see how the homepage is set out and whether or not it is easy to navigate around. They also look at whether it is appropriate for a 2023 audience and is not outdated.

2. Create an Account

Many online casinos offer a lot of their games for free in demo mode and you are able to play them without having an account registered. This is great, but to get the full experience of the site and how it works, our experts will create an account at the casino. After creating an account, they have full access to the entire casino and can test and try out all aspects of it.

3. Supply KYC Documentation

When registering with the top Pennsylvania online casinos you will need to supply KYC documentation. This is part of the security process and for the casino to ensure you are legit and prevents any fraudulent activity. Our experts will supply the necessary documentation, that includes the ID, photographs and proof of address.

4. Deposit Funds

Depositing funds is one of the steps that is taken very seriously. Depositing funds into your account should be an easy and quick process and the funds should reflect within seconds. Our experts will test what payment methods are available as well as if there are any hidden or unwanted fees that you are not aware of.

5. Collect Bonuses

We will claim the welcome bonus and any other bonuses on offer such as reload bonuses, referral bonuses as well as take part in the loyalty program. This way we can learn the ins and outs and are aware of what each bonus offers and entails. Each bonus comes with its own set of terms and conditions attached that are important to be aware of to claim any bonus.

6. Check Mobile Compatibility

Convenience and accessibility are very important when players are looking for online casinos. We check that the sites are easily accessible via mobile and are able to be accessed on-the-go from anywhere. We also check out the features on the mobile version and whether you get the same exciting experience. There are many of the new casinos that have not yet developed a mobile app, but all sites are optimized for a great mobile experience.

7. Explore the Site

It is very important for our experts to take the time to explore the site thoroughly. We read up on the history of the site as well as the license the casino holds. We make sure we miss nothing and that all areas have been covered and explored. We want to be as transparent with our readers as possible and supply you with all the information you need.

8. Play a Selection of Diverse Games

Once we have created an account and deposited funds, we then try out many of the different games that are offered. All casino players are different and enjoy different types of games that are available. We try every form of game, including live games, table games and slots to bring you the best possible conclusion.

9. Contact Customer Support

It would not be a full casino experience without visiting customer support. We test out all the customer support options that are available. This being the live chat, telephone and email options. We may not necessarily be needing the help, but we check how useful and quick their response times are.

10. Make a Withdrawal

The last step we go through is to make a withdrawal from the casino. This is probably where most of the casinos will be marked down. Some sites make it very tricky for you to withdraw any winnings. The sites that offer a quick and efficient withdrawal process will make our list, as this is not very commonly found. These sites are safe, secure and reliable in what they offer.

Casino Sites

Playing at an online casino site offers players a much more engaging experience compared to a sportsbook. When we review the best online casinos in Pennsylvania there are a few specific elements that our experts consider.

User Experience

Online casinos need to offer a great overall user experience. From the moment you visit the site you should have a smooth, hassle-free experience. You should have a great first impression of the site and its user interface. Things like navigating around the site as well as how easy it is to find different things you are looking for such as the cashier and customer support are all taken into consideration.

Site Layout and Design

The site design and layout falls under the user experience category as well. Players do not want to play at a site that looks outdated and old fashioned. If the site looks as though it is from many years ago, there is a chance that the games will be the same. It is important for online casinos to keep up to date with the latest developments.

BetMGM homepage

Casino History and Reputation

Our experts will research the casinos history and whether or not there are any bad reviews written about it. If a casino site has a good background, it is likely that it will be a well-developed site.

Selection of Games

The center of any casino is the games that they have on offer. The games can be divided into separate subsections, being live casino games, slots and table games. Our experts look at the quality of the games, who the main game developers are, the number of games available and whether or not new titles are regularly added to the game library.

All games are checked whether they are provably fair. This means that games can be run through certain data and software to prove that they are fair. Most casinos use Random Number Generator (RNG) to provide complete fairness and randomness.

Selection of Games

Bonuses and Promotions

One of the first things players look out for when joining an online casino is the bonuses and promotions on offer. Our experts take the time to check out these bonuses along with the terms and conditions attached to each of them. It is great for a site to have a great welcome bonus, but it also needs to reward existing players in the form of a loyalty program, reload bonuses and referral bonuses.

Casino bonuses

Payment Options

These days most of the best online casino sites offer a variety of payment options, including both fiat and cryptocurrency options. The more options a site has available will obviously be more favorable for players as there is more than likely a method they would prefer to use.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our readers is of utmost importance, and we do everything we can to research the safety of the sites. All the sites we review will have legit gambling licenses from reputable jurisdictions. When signing up at a casino, depositing and then withdrawing funds is when the safety can be tested. You should be able to withdraw your funds easily, but many casinos use two step authentication which may take a little longer but adds a layer of security.

Customer Support

A site needs to have good customer support in order to run smoothly. Most sites offer a live chat option that is available 24/7, responses should be quick and efficient with no waiting period. Along with the live chat, many sites still have a telephone line you can call as well as an email address. Again, response times should not be too long. It is great that the site has a list of FAQs for players to read up on as many of their questions will be answered there.

Sportsbook Review Process

Doing a review of the best PA sportsbooks may take longer than it does when reviewing a casino site, this is because our experts need to test all aspects, including the live betting process.

We have outlined the important steps our experts take when doing the sportsbook reviews and ratings.

1. Visit the Sportsbook

Our experts first impression of the sportsbook is an important one. The user interface, the page design and layout, the sports promoted, as well as the bonuses and promotions that are advertised on the homepage all play a role in this. The site will be reviewed positively if all of these boxes are ticked.

2. Create an Account

Our experts will create an account. This way they will be able to gain the full sportsbook experience by making deposits, claiming bonuses and making bets on sports.

3. Deposit Funds

Once an account is created, they will deposit funds into the account. There should be a variety of deposit methods available to choose from. This should be a smooth process.

4. Supply KYC Documentation

Many of the top sportsbooks in Pennsylvania require KYC document verification. This is an added layer of security and a way for the sportsbook to ensure you are legit.

5. Test Mobile Compatibility

When reviewing a sportsbook, our experts will check the mobile experience. The top sportsbooks will be mobile compatible, and players will be able to place their bets on-the-go from their mobile device. They should have the same thrilling experience as they would from their desktop. It is also good to see how each site manages using mobile data.

6. Collect Bonuses

Our experts will collect any bonuses and promotions on offer. They will read up on the terms and conditions and see whether it is a good bonus and rewarding for bettors or not.

7. Place a Variety of Bets on Many Sports

There are many different bets you can make on many different sporting codes. Our experts place as many different types of bets as possible. They will also bet on a variety of sports and not only the most popular ones. We ensure the site offers value across all sporting codes, not only the popular sports.

8. Place Live Bets

Monitoring the live betting markets is not an easy task, but it is well worth doing for comprehensive coverage of each sportsbook. Our experts will watch a live stream on each site, or they will watch a big event on their TV. They will place live bets and see how a sportsbook’s market reacts to the occurrences in the game they watch.

9. Check the Live Streaming

Our experts will check the live streaming option on the sportsbooks that offer live streaming. Not all sites offer it, so it is a positive for those that do. However, how we rate them, will depend on the quality of the live streaming.

Key Elements of Sportsbooks

Although there are many elements that are repeated between the casino and sportsbook criteria, there are also some very significant differences. Below is what our experts consider when reviewing the top sportsbooks.

Overall User Experience

As with the casino, our experts’ first impression of the sportsbook remains a very important one. When visiting the homepage, it should be easy enough to find where the sports can be found, this should be for the big events and the not so popular ones. You should be able to find the different bets available and place your bets with ease. Overall, we need our readers to have a smooth, hassle-free experience on the site.

Site Layout and Design

In general, a sports betting site is not as interactive, colorful and animated as an online casino. However, it is still beneficial for the sportsbook to be engaging and good to look at.

BetMGM sportsbook

History and Reputation of the Sportsbook

Some of the best sportsbooks have been operating for over 30 years and thus have a lot of experience behind their names. Those that have been operating for many years should have a good reputation and therefore want to uphold this. You will also find this with the newer sportsbooks on the market as they want to make a good name and reputation for themselves.

Selection of Sports Available

It may be a priority for many sports bettors to find a sportsbook that focuses on the main betting sports such as basketball, horse racing, soccer and football. However, in general you want to find a sportsbook that offers betting on the popular sports but also the very rare sports and those that you wouldn’t find everywhere. Having a wide variety of sports available to bet on will rate higher.

Selection of Sports

Live Betting Options

The bigger and more popular sports will obviously receive more coverage compared to the less popular sports. You will often find events such as the NBA and NFL streamed on the best sportsbooks. You will be able to place your bets on these sports live, as the action unfolds. Live betting has become very popular over the years seeing many bettors opt for this choice of betting.

Special Features

A special feature that many of the best sportsbooks will offer is live streaming. This is great for those events that are not televised. A site that offers this will be rated significantly higher. Many of the sportsbooks also offer multi-view options where you are able to bet on multiple events at the same time as they are happening.

Bonuses and Promotions on Offer

Massive welcome bonuses are not as common as you would find with online casinos, however, a welcome bonus is still a way to draw players to the site and get them to sign up. You will find similar promotions as you would at the casino, reload bonuses, free bets and further deposit bonuses are a few that you may come across at a sportsbook. Loyalty programs at sportsbooks are very popular. You can be offered a whole lot of free bets, usually on the sports you most frequently bet on.

Sports bonuses

Payment Methods Available

This is the same with the online casinos. A good range and variety of banking options is very advantageous. All bettors will have their preferred payment method and if the sportsbook has a good variety supported, it is more than likely on the list.

Safety and Security

As with online casinos, your safety and security at sportsbooks is of utmost importance to us. Security measures such as password locks, two-factor authentication, SSL encryption as well as KYC verification are all measures put in place by the best sportsbooks for your protection.

Customer Support

Our experts test all the different customer support options available. They will look out for quick response times; how efficient the site is in answering the questions and whether or not there is a FAQ section with common questions answered thoroughly for the readers.


At Sports Talk Philly our experts take the time to make sure they give you the best possible information. Our reviews are honest and have been through in-depth research to come up with the ratings. When we give a site a good rating it is because the site deserves it. Once reading our reviews, we want you to feel confident enough to go and sign up with one of the sites we have mentioned that you are most attracted to.

You may see certain sites rated differently on different reviews, this is because all our writers have the freedom to express their own thoughts and feelings about the sites. This is obviously based on certain guidelines that they will follow.

Responsible Gambling

We want all our readers to know that although we provide positive reviews on the sites, this is all done with responsible gambling kept in mind. All our sites will offer links to problem gambling websites. We do not promote or encourage unhealthy gambling habits; gambling is meant to be enjoyable and done within one’s personal financial means. Gambling should not put strain on your personal life, relationships or finances.

If you or someone you know may be in any sort of problem when it comes to gambling, we suggest you read our responsible gambling guides. Many tips as well as links to organizations such as the National Council for Problem Gambling and the Council on Compulsive Gambling in Pennsylvania.