How to Play Keno – Simple Guide to Keno Rules

Keno is a casino game of luck and seems to be one of the most underrated games available. No mathematical strategies have been proven to help a player win at keno. Keno is a game that is similar to Bingo, where it is based on the random drawing of numbers and covering the corresponding numbers on your keno tickets.

In this guide we reveal all there is to know about the game. You will learn how to play keno, the odds and payouts, the best number combinations as well as where to play keno.

How to Play Keno

Once you understand the rules of keno, playing the game is very straightforward and simple. We have created a few short steps to follow on how to play keno and your game should run smoothly if you follow these steps.

  1. Receive your keno card – in casinos, the keno cards are usually found in specific keno lounges. The numbers on the card/ticket you receive will match with the numbers in the aerated keno machine.
  2.  Select your keno numbers of choice and mark them on your card – you will now start filling out the numbers you wish to bet on. Each of the numbers you select is called a keno spot. Your card will be arranged with 8 rows and 10 keno spots. The card will specify how many numbers you are allowed to choose, depending on the variant of the game you are playing.
  3. Choose your betting amount and how many games you wish to play – each keno card offers you the option of playing multiple games with the same chosen numbers. You also have the option of multiplying your betting amount to increase your winning total if your spots are selected. You will make your decisions and indicate your choices of your keno card.
  4. Hand your keno card in – once you have selected your numbers, hand your card into an official who will factor your numbers in to the next game played. You will receive an electronic copy of your keno card, so you are able to follow the game as the numbers are called out.
  5. Wait for the keno machine to determine your results – look out for the electronic boards placed around the venue you are playing at for the results of the game to be shown. Match the numbers on the screen displayed to the numbers on your ticket, if you have a match, you win. How much money you will win will depend on the numbers chosen as well as how much you wagered.
  6. Declare your winnings – if you have a winning number, call a keno worker over to receive your payout. Select an electronic keno card to verify your matches and receive your payout.

What is Keno?

Keno originated in China and is a lottery-style game offered by many of the best online casinos. The rules of keno are very similar to the lottery rules. Players need to select a certain number of numbers, normally between 1 and 15, from 1 to 80 on the keno ticket. The ticket has 8 rows each with 10 numbers in it. 20 numbered balls will randomly be selected from a machine and players bet that the balls drawn will match their chosen numbers. Keno is a game of chance as there is no way of telling which balls will be randomly drawn.

PA Keno Example

Keno Rules

Keno is one of the easiest games to play and great for players just starting out their gambling journey. You can play keno in Pennsylvania at the best online casinos. It is easy to get the hang of and start playing for real money right away. Although it is a simple game without many detailed keno rules, we have come up with a short list of important factors for you to remember and follow in order to understand and play the game properly. If you remember these few points, you shouldn’t have any hassles.

  1. A keno card/ticket has numbers 1 to 80 that appear on it.
  2. Depending on where you are playing from, players will select between 1 and 15, sometimes 20 numbers of their choice.
  3. There will be 20 numbers randomly drawn from a pool of all 80 numbers.
  4. The object of the game is for players to select which numbers they think will be drawn, this is what you will bet on, and it is done before the numbers are drawn.
  5. After the draw you will receive your winnings based on the numbers drawn and your numbers selected.

How to Play Keno Online

Once you have the hang of playing keno, you won’t have any problems when learning how to play keno online. Playing keno online and at the best online casinos is very much the same as playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. The main difference being that instead of going to physically buy your keno card, once you log on to the online casino and select that keno game of your choice, the keno card will appear on your screen. You will select your numbers the same but have an option of picking your own or for the computer to randomly pick for you. You will place your bets using the numbers at the bottom. You will start the round by simply clicking ‘Play’ and ‘Draw’. Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to draw the numbered balls. Check your results, receive your winnings and decide whether you want to play again.

Handy Tip:

All numbers drawn in keno are completely random, in online keno, Random Number Generators are used and there is no way to tell which number will be drawn. Do not beat yourself up if your numbers do not get drawn. Don’t chase your losses – this is a game of pure chance.

Different Keno Bets

When playing keno there are a few different bet types you can make. Make sure you understand these different bet types and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Keno Bet Type Definition
Straight Betting the numbers marked as a single wager. This is the most common and simplest type of keno bet. Players can generally bet on up to 15 numbers in a single game.
Way Players select a group of numbers and break these down into sets of equal subgroups/ways. Each number can appear in one way only, there are not allowed to be repeated numbers.
Split Players are able to bet on more than one set of numbers that will each be treated separately in the game.
Combination Ticket Also known as a combo bet, a player will mark many number groupings and will play combinations of them.
King ticket This is similar to the split bet, but players will choose a single number known as the King that will need to appear in all their groups. The King will be marked off by itself.

How to Check Keno Tickets

Depending on where you are playing from will determine how you check your keno tickets. If you are playing at a land-based casino, there will generally be screens up in a keno lounge where all ticket numbers will be displayed. You will check for your corresponding ticket number. The keno numbers drawn will be displayed on the screen for your convenience for you to see if you have any winning numbers or combinations.

If you are not playing at a land-based casino, there are different ways you can check your ticket. Depending on where you get the ticket from. Some places will put the results online for you to check or you can go into the place where you purchased the ticket, and they will check for you. If you are playing at an online casino the numbers will be shown automatically. All online casinos will be a little different and have their own way for you to check your keno ticket. Make sure you are familiar with how you are meant to check your ticket before you start playing the game.

How to Win at Keno

Winning at keno comes down to predominantly luck, but you can add a small element of skill for even better results. The few tips we are going to provide you are simple, yet effective and can go a long way. It is important to remember that all keno numbers are drawn by a Random Number Generator (RNG) and so there are no patterns that you will be able to spot or certain keno strategies that will help you. If you incorporate the tips listed below into your keno games, you will minimize your losses and boost your chances of winning.

  1. Play at reliable and reputable sites: Only play keno at online casinos that are safe and hold the relevant licenses. Check this before you get started.
  2. Check the keno payouts: look for keno games with a lower house edge and bigger keno payout. You want to choose the games with the best possible payouts.
  3. Know the odds of winning: keep these in mind when placing your bets. You do not want to bet on too many or too few numbers.
  4. Understand the important keno terms: Familiarizing yourself with the key keno terms is important for smooth gameplay.
  5. Practice for free: try out free keno games before you bet for real money. This way you will get a good feeling of the way things work.
  6. Take advantage of bonuses: Many online gambling sites will offer generous online casino bonuses for keno. Use these extra funds to your advantage and hopefully boost your winnings.
  7. Take your time when betting: do not rush your bets, take your time and make sure you are certain about your bets.
  8. Use a strategy when placing your bets: this will help you set a goal for yourself to obtain the best values for your bets.
  9. Take advantage of multi-race cards: this will help you track your winnings and your losses more easily. It will also save you time and create a more smooth running experience.
  10. Play responsibly: before beginning always set yourself a balance. Stick to this limit. When playing keno, you can bet small and still win big. Always practice responsible gambling.

Keno Payouts

When playing online keno, everything is done automatically. Keno payouts can range anywhere from 1x to 200,000x your bet depending on how many numbers you match. It is also important to take note that not all keno games will have the same payouts. Below we have created an example payout chart based on a $1 bet per game, with 80 numbers in total and a maximum pick of 10 numbers.

Numbers Picked Numbers Matched Prize amount Odds
1 1 $1 1 in 4
2 2 $10 1 in 17
3 3 $25 1 in 73
3 2 $2 1 in 8
4 4 $50 1 in 327
4 3 $5 1 in 24
4 2 $1 1 in 5
5 5 $500 1 in 1,551
5 4 $15 1 in 83
5 3 $2 1 in 12
6 6 $1,500 1 in 7,753
6 5 $50 1 in 324
6 4 $5 1 in 36
6 3 $1 1 in 8
7 7 $5,000 1 in 40,980
7 6 $150 1 in 1,366
7 5 $15 1 in 116
7 4 $2 1 in 20
7 3 $1 1 in 6
8 8 $15,000 1 in 230,115
8 7 $400 1 in 6,233
8 6 $50 1 in 423
8 5 $10 1 in 55
8 4 $2 1 in 13
9 9 $25,000 1 in 1,380,688
9 8 $2,500 1 in 30,628
9 7 $200 1 in 1,691
9 6 $25 1 in 175
9 5 $4 1 in 31
9 4 $1 1 in 9
10 10 $200,000 1 in 8,911,712
10 9 $10,000 1 in 163,382
10 8 $500 1 in 7,385
10 7 $50 1 in 621
10 6 $10 1 in 88
10 5 $3 1 in 20
10 4 $3 1 in 22

Keno Odds

Keno odds are very straightforward. The odds are based on the amount of numbers selected by the player and how many of these are matched. The more numbers you select, the better your odds are of catching them. These odds will also determine the prizes. Most keno games use 80 numbered balls to determine results, and every “spot” you choose on your card that gets matched is a “catch.” In a typical round, only 20 balls get drawn. Therefore, each spot has 1 in 4 odds, or a 25% chance, of showing up in a drawing.

Here is a keno odds example:

  • Player A chooses nine numbers – the odds of matching 5 numbers are 1 in 31.
  • Player B chooses seven numbers – the odds of matching 5 numbers are 1 in 116.
  • Player C chooses five numbers – the odds of matching 5 numbers are 1 in 1,551.

How Many Numbers Are in Keno?

Keno has 80 numbers. A virtual machine that is called a hopper randomly draws 20 numbers. In a land-based casino, a machine will draw numbered balls, the balls drawn are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), so there is no way to know which balls will be drawn. Players will pick their numbers, the number of numbers they choose will vary depending on the keno game they are playing. It is usually between 1 and 15/20 numbers. Depending on the amount of numbers bet and how many numbers match the draw, the game calculates the players winnings as the balls come out.

How Many Numbers Do You Need to Win Keno?

Depending on the amount of numbers you choose as well as how many numbers you match with the drawn numbers will determine what your winnings will be. You can match anywhere from one to 15/20 numbers depending on the game you are playing. We have discussed the possible odds and payouts for different scenarios of the game above.

What Numbers Hit the Most in Keno?

It is vital to know and remember that every number in a game of keno has the same chance of being drawn. The numbers and numbered balls are all drawn randomly so nobody will have an upper hand when playing keno. There are, however, many experts that have done analysis and statistical research on keno and the numbers that have been drawn over a long period of time. It comes out that there are a few best rated numbers at the moment out of the 80 possible keno numbers. Below we have created a table showing the most common 10 numbers drawn in keno and the percentage they have been drawn. This may help you in deciding on your next set of numbers for your next game of keno.

Keno Number Percentage Drawn
27 25.59%
35 25.53%
65 25.52%
50 25.50%
12 25.48%
32 25.46%
40 25.45%
49 25.45%
3 25.44%
31 25.39%

Where to Play Keno – Top Online Keno Casinos

Play Keno Online at some of the best online casinos. Many of the best casinos offer this game for free for you to try out or you can play for real money. There are a wide variety of keno games available at these casinos, such as traditional keno, 40 ball keno, video keno as well as keno megapays and a few keno fortunes. Visit the casinos below and try your luck at a Keno game of your choice today.

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Now that you have read our informative guide on how to play keno, you should be ready to start playing the best keno games. Whether your lucky numbers are based on a special occasion or the numbers you have seen come out on top the most, you now have all the information and tips that will help you along the way. You are also equipped with all the skills you need to start playing the game. Enjoy playing keno at the top online casinos for your convenience, sign up and receive great welcome bonuses. Play from your desktop or mobile device via the casino app for an on-the-go experience and start winning your keno games today.

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