What Does +1000 Mean In Betting?

What does + 1000 mean in betting? In short, +1000 betting odds are long, meaning a big payout of $1,000 per $100 stake for the bettor. Long odds like these are typically associated with futures bets, signaling that the team or player is considered an unlikely underdog to win a specific event.

Our experts will explain everything you need to know about these odds to help you make informed betting decisions.

What Does +1000 Mean In Betting?

When betting, +1000 represents American odds, signaling a substantial underdog or a longshot. To break it down, +1000 odds mean that for every $100 you bet, you could potentially profit $1,000. If the bet wins, you’ll get a total return of $1,100. Meanwhile, a $10 stake would return $110.

Odds expressed as +1000 are equivalent to 10/1 in fraction form and 11.0 in decimals.

These longer odds are typically found in futures betting or when wagering on outcomes with low chances of happening. Positive odds (+) usually mean higher potential profits compared to the initial stake and often align with less probable outcomes in betting situations.

What Does -1000 In Betting Mean — the Opposite of a +1000 Bet?

As you would expect, -1000 in betting is simply the opposite of +1000. Odds of -1000 signal that the player or team is considered a heavy favorite to win a specific event.

Betting at minus odds means you stand to win less profit than your wager if your bet is successful. At -1000 odds, a $100 bet would return just a $10 profit plus your original stake back, totaling a $110 return. Meanwhile, a $10 stake would return $11 in total.

Odds of -1000 are equivalent to 1/10 and 1.1, and it is implied that there is over a 90% chance of a win.

What Are The Winnings At +1000 Betting Odds?

  • $10 stake = $110 return
  • $50 stake = $550 return
  • $100 stake = $1100 return
  • $200 stake = $2200 return
  • $500 stake = $5500 return 

Do You Get Your Stake Back With +1000 Betting?

In sports betting, when you see odds represented as +1000, it means that if you bet $100 and win, you’ll receive $1000 in profit plus your original stake back.

So yes, if your bet wins, you will get your stake back along with the profit. Therefore, your total return would be $1100 ($1000 profit + $100 stake).

An Example Of A +1000 Betting Opportunity 

Below is an example of a typical +1000 betting opportunity. These are more common in ‘futures’ bets, where you predict the winner of a specific future event, in this case, the 2024 MLB World Series.

Here, the New York Yankees have odds of +1000 to win the illustrious event for the 28th time in their history. If you fancy their chances, a $100 stake would return a $1,000 profit, plus your original $100 stake back, should they win.

Again, it should be noted that this is considered more of an outsider. There are other more favorable picks for the 2024 World Series, including the Los Angeles Dodgers (+300), the Atlanta Braves (+500), and the Houston Astros (+700).

yankees wagering odds

What Percentage Of +1000 Bets Win?

A bet priced at +1000 has an implied 9.09% chance of winning, meaning these bets are successful around one in ten times. Of course, as discussed, this is because these bets are more of a longshot.

This must be considered when selecting your stake. For these types of bets at the sportsbooks, it’s generally wise to keep stakes small relative to your typical wager amount.

Best US Sports For +1000 Betting 

The US boasts four major sports leagues: American football (NFL), basketball (NBA), ice hockey (NHL), and baseball (MLB). These leagues draw in millions of bettors nationwide annually.

There isn’t a single league inherently more suitable for +1000 betting than the others. It all comes down to personal preference and your knowledge of the sport. If you’re keen on betting across all of them, that’s also possible.

Below, we’ve provided an overview of +1000 betting for each of these US sports, along with an example to illustrate.

NFL Betting

Below, we’ve identified a +1000 betting opportunity in the NFL. This is a futures bet on BetOnline: the Washington Commanders to win the NFC East Division.

Of course, this is an outside bet as there are more favorable teams in contention to win the division, such as the Dallas Cowboys (+110) and the Philadelphia Eagles (+130).

commanders NFL odds

Numerous +1000 betting chances are also available for individual NFL games. These opportunities include total points and spread markets. Player props, like touchdown scorers, are also quite popular among bettors.

NBA Betting

Here, we’ve identified a +1000 betting opportunity in the NBA. Again, this is a futures bet, namely, for the Miami Heat to win the 2024 Eastern Conference.

Similarly to our football selection, there are, of course, more favorable teams to win the division, such as the Boston Celtics (-110) and the Milwaukee Bucks (+300).

+1000 miami heat odds

If you’re inclined to bet on a single game, you can explore options like the money line, total points, and spread markets. Player props are also prevalent, with many enjoying betting on the first basket scorer.

NHL Betting

There are also +1000 betting opportunities in the world of hockey, particularly when browsing the futures markets. Here, we’ve picked out a longshot, selecting the Boston Bruins to win the 2024 Stanley Cup.

The Florida Panthers (+650), Edmonton Oilers (+750), and Colorado Avalanche (+850) stand more of a chance in the eyes of the sportsbooks, but if you fancy your chances with a longer punt, you can back the Bruins.

plus 1000 bruins betting

Other commonly favored bets in the NHL include the puck line (spread) and the 60-minute line (excluding overtime). Additionally, prop bets like goalscorers, player assists, and goaltender saves are frequently seen.

MLB Betting

+1000 betting opportunities are also seen in MLB markets. Here, we’ve selected the New York Yankees to win the 2024 World Series.

At the time of writing, sportsbooks prefer the chances of the Los Angeles Dodgers (+300), the Atlanta Braves (+500), and the Houston Astros (+700), but if you fancy a longer shot, you can back the Yankees at +1000.

yankees wagering odds

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