What Is NRFI Betting? No Run First Innings Meaning

NRFI betting is a type of bet, usually in baseball, that is growing in popularity at a rapid rate. With an NRFI bet, you are betting that there will be no runs scored in the first innings of a baseball match. It is a type of prop bet in MLB that has two possible outcomes – yes or no.

Join us as our betting experts explain in-depth everything there is to know about NRFI betting – including how it relates to all major US sports, in particular MLB. This includes extensive research and analysis on the topic, explaining it in simple terms and how NRFI betting has become a highly popular prop bet in baseball.

What Does NRFI Betting Stand For?

NRFI, in betting terms, stands for ‘No Run First Innings.’ NRFI betting is a type of bet that is growing in popularity, mainly referred to in baseball and in particular in MLB.

This bet is exactly what it says on the tin. Placing an NRFI bet means you are wagering on whether or not there will be any runs scored in the first innings of a particular baseball match.

NRFI Betting Explained – What Is No Run First Innings? What Does NRFI Betting Mean?

As mentioned, NRFI betting stands for ‘No Runs First Innings.’ When betting on this market, you require no runs to be scored by either team in the first innings.

In short, this means that the score must remain 0-0 after the first innings for your bet to win. It’s a bit like backing a 0-0 draw in soccer at half-time or after the first 20 minutes.

NRFI betting is straightforward, with just two options – yes or no. The ‘yes’ part of this bet is called YRFI – more on that a bit later. But when it comes to NRFI bets, it has recently become one of baseball’s most popular betting markets.

Of course, betting straight on the money line, the spread, or points total remains the three most popular types of MLB bets.

However, NRFI betting has become more prominent of late and is one of the fastest-growing baseball prop bets on the market.

The bet is incredibly straightforward to understand. If you place a No Runs First Innings bet, you are simply betting that either team won’t score a run in the first innings. That’s all.

So either your bet will win provided there are no runs scored in the first innings, or it will lose if there is 1+ run scored in the first innings. That is all there is to understand about NRFI betting. There are no other variables to consider apart from this simple prop bet.

The concept behind this market is appealing to bettors who want an instant result rather than waiting for a game’s conclusion.

An Example Of NRFI Betting In Baseball 

Placing a No Run First Innings bet can be done easily at most of the sharpest US sportsbooks. All major sportsbooks will have an NRFI betting market for people to wager on.

No Runs First Innings betting is, of course, highly prominent in baseball. As MLB is the most popular baseball league in the US, NRFI betting in MLB is an ever-growing market for gamblers to place wagers on.

One of the reasons this bet is growing in popularity is due to the simple nature of the market. You are simply betting on whether there will be a run score in the first innings or not.

NRFI betting example

In the example above, ‘Will there be a run in the 1st innings?’ is the NRFI bet. This bet simply has two options – ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

Betting on no runs to be scored in the first innings between the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees is priced at -155 in the above MLB example. And this wager can be placed as a single, parlay, or multiple. A $50 stake on this NRFI single bet returns $82.50 if it wins.

This means that if no runs are scored in the first innings of the Mariners vs Yankees MLB match, the bet will be deemed a winner.

However, if there is just one run scored in the first innings of the match, the NRFI bet has lost and will be deemed a losing wager.

What Is A YRFI Bet? The Opposite Of NRFI

When talking about No Runs First Innings betting, it is also worth discussing YRFI betting.

YRFI betting is the polar opposite of an NRFI bet. Placing a YRFI bet means wagering that there WILL be a run scored in the first innings of a baseball match.

YRFI stands for ‘Yes Runs First Innings’ and, like NRFI, is growing in popularity. The YRFI market requires the opposite outcome to the NRFI market, meaning that if either team scores 1 run or more in the first innings, the bet is a winner.

NRFI betting example

Using the New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners MLB game example again, YRFI bets are usually more appealing in terms of odds. For there to be one run scored in the first innings, the best MLB betting sites have it priced at +120.

This means that a $25 wager would return $55 if, indeed, a run is scored. All that needs to happen for this YRFI bet to be deemed a winner is for there to be one run scored by either team in the first innings.

Although the odds are usually better on YRFI bets, NRFI bets seem more popular.

Can You Bet On Other Individual Innings?

NRFI & YRFI betting is one of the most popular prop bets for MLB bettors to bet on. This is because it’s such a straightforward bet, with the opportunity to win cash in the early stages of an MLB match rather than wait until the whole game is over.

Even though NRFI betting is just wagering on the first innings, some sportsbooks will also offer the same wager only on each inning throughout an entire baseball match.

For example, if you are tuning in and watching an MLB match and think the second innings might be scoreless, then some US sportsbooks will offer the opportunity of betting on there to be no runs scored.

The process is the exact same as NRFI betting, only on other individual innings rather than just the opening innings. In short, betting on whether a run will be scored or not in ANY individual innings is a possibility with selected bookmakers.

Are There NRFI Handicap Bets?

NRFI betting doesn’t stop there with some sportsbooks. Selected bookmakers may also offer NRFI handicap betting options.

NRFI handicap betting gives gamblers another wagering option when NRFI betting. This option allows bettors to wager on handicap markets, similar to the run line in MLB. Some US real money sports betting apps may offer NRFI handicap betting as an option.

In essence, this is the same NRFI bet as we have alluded to on this page; it is only slightly handicapped if a game is more one-sided, in theory. For instance, in more one-sided games where the best team in MLB faces the worst team on paper, NRFI handicap bets may be an option.

Put simply, some sportsbooks may offer a market on Team X to score a certain amount of runs +/-1. If an incredibly strong MLB team plays a lesser side, NRFI handicap betting will likely be an option.

Therefore, the likelihood is that they might score a run in the first innings, so handicapping this makes the market evener and fairer.

Can You Do NRFI Parlay Bets?

NRFI betting isn’t just limited to singles. Another benefit is that you can add multiple selections into one parlay bet. You can do a 4-leg parlay or any other type of multiple you like. It doesn’t just have to be a single bet.

This means that you are combining multiple bets into one, and thus, the odds will increase. As you can see in the example below of a 2-leg parlay, the odds have increased because there are more than one selection.

As previously mentioned, NRFI bets can be placed as a single, in a parlay, or in multiples. In the example below, two NRFI bets were placed in a 2-leg parlay. This means that no runs must be scored in the first innings of both selected matches for the bet to be deemed a winner.

NRFI betting example 3

Betting on no runs to be scored in the first innings between the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees is priced at -145. Meanwhile, no runs in the first innings of New York Mets vs Miami Marlins MLB game is priced at -170.

These two NRFI combined in a 2-leg parlay give odds of +168. As you can see, a $50 stake on this bet returns $134.18 if it wins. For the bet to win, as it is a 2-leg parlay, both legs of the wager must be successful.

This means that if no runs are scored in both MLB matches, the bet will be deemed a winner. However, if one run is scored in the first innings of either match, the NRFI bet is deemed a losing wager.

In short, you aren’t just limited to singles with NRFI betting. You can create parlays and multiples too.

NRFI Stats and Betting Tips – What To Look For and How To Use Them?

Research is key when looking at No Runs First Innings bets as an option, primarily in a baseball match. Finding statistics such as form, head-to-head records, and previous meetings between two sides will help when considering placing an NRFI bet.

Not only that, but other elements like team news, injuries, batsman/pitcher form, and starting batsman/pitcher are variables worth considering when researching NRFI betting.

For example, if the Boston Red Sox have scored a run in their last four straight MLB games, it could be worth betting YRFI (Yes Run First Innings) rather than NRFI (No Run First Innings).

Similarly, do your research if you are considering placing a No Run First Innings bet on a San Diego Padres vs Pittsburgh Pirates MLB game. If the last few head-to-head meetings have resulted in no runs in the first innings, that could be your bet.

Here are some top tips for No Runs First Innings betting:

  • Do your research (h2h stats, form, team news, injuries)
  • Check who the starting batsman/pitcher will be
  • Consider NRFI parlays for better odds
  • Sometimes, YRFI could be a better bet than NRFI

These tips can help you make a more informed selection rather than just going with your gut feeling or whichever odds appeal to you most.

Always consider your options and take into consideration multiple variables. Like any market in sports betting, doing in-depth and extensive research when NRFI betting will undoubtedly help increase your winning chances.

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