The Sharpest Sportsbooks for US Players 2023 – Sharp Sports Betting Guide

The sharpest sportsbooks take online wagering to the next level,  making it simple for high-rollers to profit from their wagers by offering low fees, lightning-fast lines, and high bets. While most sportsbooks favor recreational bettors, these sites encourage pros and bettors looking to make more than a few quick bucks.

If this sounds like you, then take a look at the guide that follows. Here, we rank and review the top five legal sharp sportsbooks and show you how to sign up. We also take a closer look at how these betting sites work, what they offer and how to find the sharpest odds. So, let’s get started.

List of the Sharpest Sportsbooks 

The sharpest sportsbooks provide bettors with low to no fees, high limits, and high maximum bets. However, only some regulated sports betting sites in the US deliver these features, making it tricky to find the ones that do. So, to help you, our experts have put together their list of the top five sharpest betting sites, which you’ll find below.

  1. BetMGMThe Sharpest Sportsbook Overall
  2. DraftKings – The Top Sharp Betting Site for Competitive Odds
  3. FanDuel – Most Diverse Betting Lines Offered by a Sharp Sportsbook
  4. BetRivers – Best Promos Offered by a Sharp Betting Site
  5. PointsBet – A Sharp Betting Site with No Withdrawal Limits

The Sharpest Sportsbooks Reviewed

If you’re looking for more information on the sharpest sportsbooks listed above, then take a look below. Here, we review each in detail, giving insight into why we chose them, what they offer and why they stand out.

1. BetMGM – The Sharpest Sportsbook Overall


Sportsbook facts: 

  • Website: Visit BetMGM
  • Established: 2018
  • Active States: AZ, CO, DC, IL, IN, IA, KA, LA, MD, MI, MS, NJ, NV, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV, OH, and WY
  • Headquarters: Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Since BetMGM launched in 2018, it has expanded to become one of the most prominent sportsbooks in the US, providing its services in over 20 states.

However, BetMGM also ranks as one of the sharpest sportsbooks, offering bettors extensive betting lines, competitive odds rivaled only by DraftKings, and a diverse assortment of sports markets.

Additionally, BetMGM offers several unique features. For instance, bettors can edit their bets (provided they meet a few stipulations) using the Edit Your Bet function, even after placing their wager. Further, the sportsbook ranks as one of the best live betting sites.

Odds and Markets at BetMGM (4.6/5)

BetMGM ticks all the boxes of the sharpest sports betting site, starting with its impressive markets and excellent odds, which rival those provided by sites like DraftKings. Additionally, bettors visiting the sportsbook can enjoy odds boosts, which improve the odds by 20-25%, even on single game parlays. 

When it comes to betting lines, BetMGM provides all the usual suspects, like props, totals, futures, spreads, and moneylines. However, avid bettors will discover several exotic betting lines, including one-game parlays. Lastly, BetMGM covers over 20 sports markets for bettors to enjoy, like the NBA, NHL, MLB, and soccer and ranks as one of the best UFC betting sites

Payment Methods (4/5)

BetMGM makes it easy for bettors to deposit funds and make withdrawals by accepting more than a few payment options, like Visa, MasterCard, Echeck, online transfer, PayNearMe, Play+, and eWallets such as PayPal and Skrill. Although this selection of payment methods is more diverse than those offered by sportsbooks like DraftKings and BetRivers, it still is yet to include cryptocurrency options. 

When it comes to limits, the deposit and withdrawal minimums sit below $20, and no transaction fees apply. However, withdrawals may take between one to five business days to pay out.

Customer Support (4.6/5)

Another reason BetMGM ranks on our list of the sharpest sportsbooks is because of its excellent customer service. Firstly, bettors can find detailed answers to more general questions on the website’s “Help” section. Additionally, bettors with more in-depth queries can email the sportsbook’s support desk, but remember, a response could take between two to 24 hours. So, if you have an urgent query, we recommend chatting with a friendly consultant using the site’s live chat option, which runs 24/7.

Bonuses and Free Bets (3.8/5)

Bettors visiting BetMGM can place high-stakes wagers without using their own funds when taking advantage of the generous promos and bonuses the sportsbook provides. While browsing the “Promotions” page, bettors can sort through the options, like risk-free prop bets and parlay profit boosts offered for various sports. Additionally, bettors can enjoy Bet Insurance or sign up for the BetMGM rewards program if they visit the sportsbook frequently. Here, bettors can earn and exchange points for cash rewards, free bets, and unique bonuses that could boost the edge of sharps.


  • Maximum payout on a bet is $1 million
  • Competitive odds
  • Features bet insurance
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Friendly customer service


  • No Bitcoin options
  • Withdrawals are capped

2. DraftKings – The Top Sharp Betting Site for Competitive Odds


Sportsbook facts: 

  • Website: Visit DraftKings
  • Established: 2012
  • Active States: AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, KA, KY, LA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, TN, VA, WV, and WY.
  • Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The next sharpest sportsbook on our list was launched by three former Vistaprint employees in Massachusetts in 2012. While DraftKings had humble beginnings, offering a one-on-one baseball competition, today it is regarded as one of the leading Daily Fantasy Sports Betting and traditional sports betting sites in America.

Skilled bettors recommend DraftKings for its exceptional odds with reduced juice and low margins. Additionally, the sportsbook stands out for its wide assortment of betting lines and sports options. 

However, compared to sportsbooks like BetMGM and FanDuel, DraftKings has some work to do when it comes to the number of payment options it provides, which is somewhat limited. 

Odds and Markets at DraftKings (4.2/5)

DraftKings earns its spot on our list of the sharpest sportsbooks due to its highly competitive odds. Since the sportsbook offers low margins, it becomes easier for sharps to enjoy more of the sportsbook’s diverse betting lines and turn a profit. In addition to moneylines, spreads, and totals, the sports betting site provides several exotic betting lines and exciting game and player props. 

However, DraftKings is not a site that releases its lines early but covers a range of sports and ranks as one of the best soccer betting sites in the States.

Payment Methods (3/5)

The payment methods DraftKings offers vary from state to state. However, when compared to the offerings provided by other sportsbooks, the options are slim, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and electronic gift cards for deposits. But the withdrawal methods are a little more extensive and stretch to include options like online banking, checks, and wire transfers. While DraftKings can take up to five business days to process payouts, the sportsbook limits withdrawals at $100k, making it an excellent site for sharps.

Customer Support (4/5) 

Despite being a leading sharp sportsbook, DraftKings only provides two options for customer support. Firstly, bettors can email [email protected], although the response time can take up to a few days. For bettors needing a query resolved instantly, we recommend connecting with the support team using the live chat option, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bonuses and Free Bets  (3/5)

Because DraftKings offers different bonuses in different states, the range of rewards it provides is rather limited compared to sites like BetMGM, FanDuel, or BetRivers. However, bettors can enjoy free bets, odds boosters, and deposit matches. Additionally, they can sign up with Dynasty, DraftKings’ rewards program that offers unique promotions to bettors as they advance up the various tiers.


  • No deposit cap
  • Reduced juice
  • Offers welcome match deposit
  • Covers over 20 sports
  • Extensive betting lines


  • Limited bonuses
  • Poor selection of payment methods

3. FanDuel – Most Diverse Betting Lines Offered by a Sharp Sportsbook


Sportsbook facts: 

  • Website: Visit FanDuel
  • Established: July, 2009
  • Active States: CO, IL, IA, IN, TN, VA, MI, AZ, CT, NY, LA, WY, KS, WV, OH, NJ, and MD
  • Headquarters: New York City, New York, USA

FanDuel originated in Scotland, launching in 2009 as a Daily  Fantasy Sports site. However, in 2018, when sports betting legalized across the US, the sportsbook established an American division, offering DFS and traditional sports betting to over 15 states. 

This top sharp sportsbook stands out amongst the pros for its diverse betting lines. While it covers the traditional options of moneylines, spreads, and totals, FanDuel also offers the widest selection of exotic bets.

However, FanDuel’s odds are less competitive than those provided by DraftKings, but it has the largest assortment of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Odds and Markets at FanDuel  (4/5)

FanDuel has less competitive odds than DraftKings, although it still offers reduced juice, which makes it a top sportsbook among sharps. However, it ranks as one of our sharpest sportsbooks thanks to its outstanding betting lines, which include unique options like alternate totals and spreads and hundreds of player and game props. 

Further, FanDuel has over 20 sports markets, covering options like the NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, MLB, and soccer, and ranks as one of the best rugby betting sites in the US. Additionally, it covers less common sports like handball, darts, and lacrosse.

Payment Methods (4.7/5)

When it comes to payment methods, FanDuel provides more options than any of the other sportsbooks on our list. As a result, sharps can fund their accounts using methods like Green Dot MoneyPak, credit cards, PayPal, FanDuel gift cards, PayNearMe, eChecks, and bank wire transfers. 

In addition to making it simple for bettors to fund their accounts (and make withdrawals), the sportsbook does not impose a maximum deposit limit. Instead, it caps withdrawals at a relatively low $10,000, which makes DraftKings’ $25,000 seem generous. However, FanDuel processes payouts in just 24 hours.

Customer Support (4/5)

Bettors with general questions like how to deposit funds into their account or how to change their passwords can find all the answers in FanDuel’s impressive FAQ section. However, the sportsbook makes getting more detailed answers to personalized questions easy by providing bettors with a live chat function. Further, bettors can access this feature around the clock, which sets it apart from BetRivers’ support team, which only operates during business hours.

Bonuses and Free Bets (3.8/5)

Sharps can find the bonuses and promotions offered by FanDuel on the sportsbook’s promotions tab. Using FanDuel promo codes, bettors can unlock several promos found on the page, including same game parlays offered on specific sports and cash-back opportunities from FanDuel’s referral program. Here, bettors can earn rewards by referring friends and family to sign up with the sportsbook.


  • Pays out in 24 hours
  • Top referral program
  • Competitive odds
  • No deposit limit
  • Covers less common sports


  • Very low withdrawal cap
  • No email option for customer support

4. BetRivers – Best Promos Offered by a Sharp Betting Site


Sportsbook facts: 

  • Website: Visit BetRivers
  • Established: 2019
  • Active States: AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA, and WV
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Rush Street Interactive introduced its first sportsbook, BetRivers, in New Jersey in 2019. Since then, Bet Rivers has grown in numbers and popularity and now features licensed sportsbooks in 12 states across the US.

BetRivers ranks as one of the sharpest sportsbooks on our list because of its fast lines and generous promos, which come with one of the lowest wagering requirements we have ever seen. Further, the sportsbook provides hundreds of unique betting lines on each event, making it popular among seasoned bettors.

Odds and Markets at BetRivers  (3/5)

Sharps favor BetRivers for its reduced juice. Although not as competitive as the odds offered by DraftKings, the margins are still low enough to make an impact for high-rolling bettors. Additionally, the sportsbook adjusts its lines quickly, providing fast odds, especially when large wagers are placed. Further, BetRivers covers various exciting betting markets that range from totals to rebounds, player assists to quarter props. 

While these features are diverse, BetRivers’ sports markets are less so. However, bettors will still find all the top favorites—further, the sportsbook places as one of the best tennis betting sites in the US.

Payment Methods (4/5)

One of the main aspects sharps look for in a sportsbook is the ability to withdraw large payouts. Since BetRivers understands this, it offers bettors using Play+ or eCheck a high withdrawal cap of $25,000. However, those requesting payouts using methods like PayPal, Online Banking, or Cash at the Casino cage have no withdrawal limit. Additionally, payouts are instant, except for eChecks/ACH, which could take between 3-5 business days.

However, the payment methods are slightly limited, with options like Discover, PayNearMe, PayPal, eCheck, Visa, MasterCard, online banking, and Play+.

Customer Support (2.5/5) 

While BetRivers provides exceptional features, one area that it could improve is its customer service. In addition to an FAQ section on the website, BetRivers offers a live chat feature. While this provides instant resolution for more urgent queries, it only operates during business hours, leaving those betting after hours on international sports in a bind if they encounter a problem.

Bonuses and Free Bets (4.5/5)

BetRivers provides one of the most varied assortments of promotions that range from sports-specific free bets to profit boosts and daily odds boosts. But the exceptionally low wagering requirements this sportsbook imposes ranks it as one of the sharpest sportsbooks. For instance, the 15x DraftKings applies is considered by many as low. However, BetRivers is streaks ahead, implementing a wagering requirement of 1x.


  • Exciting odds boosts
  • No withdrawal limit
  • 1x wagering requirement
  • Leading site for tennis betting
  • Top rewards program


  • Limited customer support
  • Odds could improve

5. Pointsbet – A Sharp Betting Site with No Withdrawal Limits


Sportsbook facts: 

  • Website: Visit PointsBet
  • Established: 2015
  • Active States: CO, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, PA, VA, and WV
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

PointsBet is an Australian betting firm that launched its US division in 2019 following the repeal of PASPA. Since then, the sportsbook has taken off and now offers its services in 12 US states, including Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, and Michigan. 

While PointsBet provides traditional sports betting and betting lines, it is also the only US online sportsbook to offer PointsBetting, an entirely new way to wager. As a result, sharps can enjoy thousands of unique ways to bet and make a profit, making this one of the sharpest sportsbooks on our list.

Odds and Markets at PointsBet (4/5)

Sharps favor PointsBet for its early release of odds and exceptional pricing, but where it makes its mark is through its unique betting lines that include points betting, a wagering style not offered by any of the other sportsbooks on our list. Since points betting offers far more lines, the sportsbook offers many more ways for bettors to put down their money, especially when it comes to football and basketball. 

Unfortunately, PointBet doesn’t cover as many sports markets as competitors like FanDuel and DraftKings, but it provides all the favorites, like baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and soccer. Further, it ranks as one of the best sports betting apps in the US.

Payment Methods (4/5)

Similarly to DraftKings, PointsBet has a somewhat limited assortment of payment options, leaving bettors with choices like PayNearMe, eCheck, online banking with Trustly, and a debit or credit card from Visa or MasterCard. 

However, sharps rate it as a top sharp sportsbook because of its unlimited and uncapped withdrawals, a feature few others offer.

Customer Support (4.3/5)

Another impressive feature of this top sharp sportsbook is its friendly and efficient customer support system. Here, bettors can resolve issues by chatting with a support member over live chat or by emailing the team. Alternatively, bettors can look up answers to more general questions in the sportsbook’s FAQ section.

Bonuses and Free Bets (3.8/5)

Bettors looking for an elite sportsbook just found it. PointsBet offers a loyalty program called the Diamon Club. However, admission is by invitation only, offering sharps some of the best promos and bonuses available. However, those who don’t sign up with the VIP club can still enjoy rewards like daily odds boosts, referral promos, and various free bets.


  • Offers unique Points Betting options
  • No withdrawal cap
  • Invite-only VIP program
  • Widest range of NBA and NFL lines
  • Efficient support team


  • Average odds
  • Limited banking options


What are the sharpest sportsbooks?

Are all sportsbooks considered “sharp”?

What is a sharp bettor?

What sportsbook is the sharpest?

What sport is best for practicing sharp betting?

A Comparison of the Sharpest Betting Sites

An easy way to lock down the best betting site for your needs is to compare the features of the sharpest sportsbooks to see which one ticks all the boxes. So, to make this simple, we created the table below.

Sportsbook Moneyline Spreads Totals Alternative Spreads/Totals Parlays Props Same Game Parlays Live Betting Futures

What is a Sharp Sportsbook?

Traditional sportsbooks tend to prefer recreational bettors, who place small wagers and usually don’t beat the odds. However, this created a niche for sportsbooks that encourage high-rolling bettors that usually win their bets, and the sharpest sportsbooks were born. Generally, these betting sites accept bettors with a track record of beating the odds, winning 55% or more of their wagers.

In most cases, sharp sportsbooks set their own lines and markets, which they quickly adjust when a larger-than-average wager is placed. Further, these sportsbooks have few limits when it comes to deposits, withdrawals, and bets and provide exciting and often generous rewards. 

But remember that these sportsbooks continually watch for pro bettors and are quick to move their lines and balance the action to ensure they make a profit.

What Defines a Sharp Sportsbook?

For a betting site to be considered one of the sharpest sportsbooks, it must meet specific criteria. We look at what those criteria are below and what they mean.

Low Margins

Margins refer to the profits a betting site makes off a bet. As a result, the lower the margin, the less profit a sportsbook will make off a wager, but the odds will be more favorable for bettors. 

Despite this, a top sharp sportsbook will provide lower margins or reduced juice and offer more competitive odds. The theory behind this is that by delivering improved odds, the sportsbook will receive a higher volume of wagers, making its profit this way instead of off increased juice on one or two bets. However, for this to work, the volume of bets must exceed the lack of margin.

High Betting Limits

The sharpest sportsbooks set their deposit, withdrawal, and betting limits much higher than regular sportsbooks. While many still add a cap, these usually exceed those offered by most betting sites. For instance, FanDuel and DraftKings don’t have a maximum deposit limit. Similarly, PointsBet doesn’t cap withdrawals. Further, many sharp sportsbooks allow bettors to place higher-than-average bets, allowing them and the sportsbook to gain a greater profit.

Low Fees

Typically, a sharp sportsbook won’t apply transaction fees to deposits, making it simple for bettors to fund their accounts using large sums. However, these sites often apply fees to withdrawals, which is another way they make their income. But in comparison to regular sportsbooks, these fees are marginal. 

By not having to worry about additional fees, sharps are more willing to spend larger amounts at these sportsbooks. As a result, a top sharp sportsbook will absorb the cost of the fees and make a profit by enjoying a larger volume of wagers due to the lack of fees.

Range of Markets

Sharp bettors usually follow a betting style that has them follow the money on any market without concern as to what the market is. As a result, a sharp sportsbook will always provide diverse betting lines and sports markets so bettors can place the necessary wagers without having to bounce between sportsbooks.

Competitive Odds

Sharp sportsbooks don’t make their profit from increased margins. Instead, they lower their juice, improve the odds, and gain more bets; this is where they make their profits. As a result, a top sharp sportsbook needs to provide highly competitive odds that will attract more bettors and increase the bet volume. Additionally, these sportsbooks provide the best odds for high-volume games, making it easier for sharps to earn back more on their bets. 

Big Bonuses

Although bettors will find the real value of the sharpest sportsbooks is found in the betting lines, many still keep a lookout for big bonuses. However, few sharp sportsbooks offer whopping rewards because of the reduced juice on the lines. But if you browse the sites on our list, you may find several exceptional promos like the best free bets, that will further boost your odds and offer free bets.

Large Volume of Bets

The sharpest sportsbook makes its profit by turning a large volume of bets, which it achieves by offering lower margins and zero transaction fees. As a result, a bettor can spot sharp sportsbooks by looking at the number of bets on a sport or line.

How to Sign Up & Play at a Sharp Sportsbook

Generally, the sharpest sportsbooks are simple to navigate, making them easy to use. However, new bettors looking for a guide on how to quickly sign up and fund their accounts so they can start betting can follow the short steps below to get started.

Step One – Register with BetMGM

Launch the BetMGM website and select the state you are located in. Next, click the gold “Register” button on the top right of the home page. Lastly, fill in your details on the registration form that opens before hitting the “Continue” button.

BetMGM Step 1

Step Two – Verify Your Account

Next, you’ll need to verify your BetMGM account. So, open your email inbox and the mail sent to you by the sportsbook. Then, click the link inside to verify your new account before signing back into BetMGM with your new username and password. 

Step Three – Fund Your Account

Then, you’ll need to deposit funds into your BetMGM account. So, click the green “Deposit” button on the top right of the home page (this will only come up when you are signed in). Next, select your preferred payment method from the options provided and type in the amount you wish to deposit. Don’t forget to input your bonus promo code before clicking “deposit.” Finally, follow the prompts to complete your payment.

BetMGM Step 3

Step Four – Start Wagering

Once your funds reflect in your account, it’s time to start wagering. So head to the sportsbook tab and find the sports match you want to wager on. Then, type in your bet amount onto the bet slip on the right of the screen. Lastly, hit “Place Bet.”

BetMGM Step 4

Sharp Sportsbooks vs Square Sportsbooks

In sports betting, two types of sportsbooks exist, offering different features and ways of operating while also appealing to different categories of bettors. So, let’s take a closer look at square and sharp sportsbooks.

Although these sportsbooks have several similarities, they differ in various ways, especially in how they view wagering, which can be seen in how they approach and change betting lines.

For instance, the sharpest sportsbook creates its own betting lines and alters them when a sharp puts down a sizeable wager on a specific bet. However, a square sportsbook uses the same lines as those offered by other sportsbooks and is much slower to adjust its lines.

Another area in which these sportsbooks differ is that square sportsbooks tend to shade their betting lines, providing less competitive odds on the favorite. However, a sharp sportsbook relies on bet volume for its profit and is less likely to shade its lines, offering bettors far greater odds on the favorite. 

Generally, bettors visiting square sportsbooks have a limit when it comes to the maximum bets, unlike a sharp sportsbook. However, in the case where a professional decides it is beneficial to fade the public, they may visit a square sportsbook regardless, taking advantage of the better odds.

Below, you will find a comparison table that provides a neat comparison of these two styles of sportsbooks, how they differ, and what they offer.

Sharp Sportsbooks Square Sportsbooks
Creates its own betting lines. moves markets as soon as bets are placed Copies betting lines of other sports markets
Quickly moves betting markets when sharp bets are wagered  Slow to move lines
Makes a profit from bet volume rather than increased juice Earns its profits from increased margins/juice
Offers low margins Has relatively high margins
Welcomes professional bettors Limits the action of winning bettors and welcomes those who back the favorite
Accepts higher than average betting limits Caps its betting limits relatively low
Offers several bonuses but the focus remains on the lines Provides generous bonuses and promos to entice new players

What does Sharp mean in Sports Betting?

In sports betting, a sharp is a unique bettor who consistently beats the odds and wins more than 55% of their wagers. In most cases, this refers to professional bettors, but recreational bettors with the same streak also apply.

Also referred to as a “wise guy,” a sharp has a detailed knowledge and understanding of the sports they wager on, and it is through this that they can place accurate and profitable wagers, beat the odds, and enjoy advanced betting options. Further, sportsbooks often use these bettors as a yardstick to measure their lines and margins, adjusting them according to the bets sharps place. 

Additionally, sharps are excellent at managing their bankrolls and know how to make the most out of bonuses, promos, and enhanced odds offered by the sharpest sportsbooks.

Sharp Betting Action – How to Spot It

The quickest way to spot sharp betting action is to look at the betting lines. Generally, the sharpest sportsbooks quickly adjust their lines when a sharp puts down a significant wager. Further, the more action a line sees, the greater the movement. 

Another way to pinpoint sharp betting action is to follow reverse line movement. In this case, the betting line moves away from the favorite, highlighting a new pick or favorite. However, this is most easily seen in spreads and often explains a reduced spread in cases where no player injuries or drops have occurred.

Finally, an additional way to check for sharp betting action is to use a betting tool that tracks betting markets and lines.

Finding the Sharpest Odds

Considering the odds offered will take you a long way in your search for the sharpest sportsbooks and in turning a profit. Because the odds offered can drastically impact a sharp’s profits (and, to a degree, their losses), it becomes essential to find the betting site that provides the greatest odds.

One of the easiest ways bettors can find the best odds is by comparing the offerings of the different sportsbooks on their list. Take the time to evaluate the margins and juice applied to the odds as this will impact how competitive and worthwhile the odds end up being. However, bettors will find that a top sharp sportsbook offers low margins and reduced juice on their lines. 

Another way to gain an edge and find the sharpest odds is by betting against the favorite or shading the public. Since the odds offered by a sportsbook, square or sharp, will always be lower for the favorite, bettors can find drastically improved odds by backing the underdog. However, we recommend researching whether this is a risk worth taking, depending on the match-up and other factors, before placing this kind of bet.

BetMGM Odds

Bonuses Offered at the Sharpest Sportsbooks

Bettors visiting the sharpest sportsbooks will find a selection of exciting promotions and bonuses to enjoy. Although these sportsbooks place less of a focus on rewards and lean towards offering reduced juice on lines, they still provide various rewards for bettors to discover. Below, we review the most common promos found.

Matched Deposit Bonus

A match deposit sees the sharpest sportsbook rewarding a bettor for funding their account by matching their deposit up to a specific amount. For example, a sports betting site offering a 100% matched deposit of up to $500 will give a bettor depositing $500 an additional $500 to spend. Presently, DraftKings is the only sportsbook that offers a matched deposit bonus.

Risk-Free Bets

Typically, risk-free bets allow bettors to place wagers without risking the funds they have deposited should they lose the bet. For instance, FanDuel offers sharps same-game parlay insurance that will reward a player with $25 if one leg of their parlay wager folds.

Price Boosts

The sharpest sportsbooks offer price boosts that allow bettors to take advantage of improved odds, which increases their profits further if they win a bet. Generally, sportsbooks offer unique odds boosts daily, and bettors can find some of the best options at BetMGM.

Sportsbook Welcome Bonus Enhanced Odds Money Back Specials Loyalty Program Price Boosts
BetMGM Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000
DraftKings 20% Bonus up to $1,000
FanDuel Risk-Free Bet up to $1,000
BetRivers Up to $500 risk-free bet
PointsBet Risk-Free Bets up to $500

Sharpest Sportsbooks – The Payment Methods

The sharpest sportsbooks provide bettors with several ways to fund their accounts, providing convenience and allowing bettors to pick the methods that suit them most. While most sportsbooks accept traditional payment methods like credit and debit cards and bank wire transfers, the sharpest sports betting site (any of those on our list) will also accept eChecks, eWallets like PayPal, and prepaid cards. 

Further, many of these betting sites accept Play+ gift cards, and sites like FanDuel take it further by accepting options like Green Dot MoneyPak.

So, take a look at the table below for a comprehensive look at the payment methods and payout times offered by the sharpest sportsbooks on our list.

Payment Method BetMGM FanDuel DraftKings BetRivers PointsBet
Debit card Within 24 hours Within 24 hours Within 24 hours Within 24 hours Up to 48 hours
Credit card Within 24 hours Within 24 hours Within 24 hours Within 24 hours Up to 48 hours
eCheck 2-4 business days 3-5 business days 1-3 business days 2-5 business days 1-2 business days
PayPal Within 24 hours 3-5 business days Within 24 hours Within 72 hours Within 24 hours
GreenDot MoneyPak Up to 48 hours
PayNearMe 2-4business days Up to 48 hours 2-4 business days Up to 72 hours Up to 72 hours
Sportsbook Prepaid Card Within 4 hours Up to 24 hours 2-4 business days Immediately
Money Order
Check 2-4 business days 1-3 business days 1-3 business days 10-14 business days 1-3 business days
Wire Transfer 2-4 business days 1-3 business days 1-3 business days Up to 72 hours 1-33 business days

Sharp Betting Sites – The Benefits

Visiting the sharpest sportsbooks offers bettors several exciting benefits that boost their ability to turn a profit and improve the overall betting experience. So, look below to find out what some of these advantages are

More Extensive Markets

Sharp bettors make their money by placing various wagers on a range of sports. Since the sharpest sportsbooks want to appeal to this market, they ensure they offer bettors a diverse assortment of sports markets and betting lines, providing bettors with an exciting and varied choice of options.

Highly Competitive Odds

The sharpest sportsbooks make a profit by increasing the volume of bets they accept by dropping the juice on their betting lines. As a result, bettors can find highly competitive odds that offer the chance for a more lucrative payout and less of a loss should the wager fold.

Superior Betting Limits

The sharpest sportsbooks look to attract high-rollers and professional bettors. As a result, these sportsbooks allow bettors to place above-average maximum bets typically not offered by regular sportsbooks. For example, FanDuel doesn’t impose a max bet limit. However, it caps its daily payout limit for a bet at $1 million.

Sharpest Sportsbook in the US

Avid sports bettors and professionals looking to make a profit from sports betting can visit several of the sharpest sportsbooks like those featured on our list. Here, they can enjoy low transaction fees, exceptional odds, diverse betting lines, and varied sports markets. 

However, if you’re still looking for the top sharp sportsbook, we recommend BetMGM. In addition to all the features mentioned above, the betting site provides extensive payment options, generous bonuses, and odds rivaled by few. So, don’t miss out on a more lucrative style of betting. Instead, sign up with BetMGM and claim your welcome reward.