What Is Courtsiding Betting? Sports Betting Strategy Explained

Courtsiding betting is a betting strategy in which someone is physically present at a sporting event purely to relay information to sports bettors. Consequently, courtsiding betting lets you gain an edge and beat the in-play odds a sportsbook offers.

Join us as our dedicated betting experts explain in great detail everything there is to know about courtsiding. This includes examples of courtsiding across all of the most popular US sports. This includes extensive investigation, analysis, and research into courtsiding betting from our dedicated The Sports Talk Philly experts, breaking it down in elementary terms.

Courtsiding Betting Explained – What Is It?

Courtsiding betting is a popular strategy in which bettors beat the in-play odds offered by the best online sportsbooks and betting sites.

The concept of courtsiding involves betting in-play at the event (courtside). It usually involves a minimum of two people but can be done individually as well.

In essence, courtsiding is the act of being physically present at a sporting event purely for the purpose of relaying information to sports bettors. The aim is to provide information about the match at a faster rate than the sportsbooks can adjust their live/in-play odds.

If done quickly and efficiently, courtsiding betting is far simpler to take advantage of than you may think. It is a highly controversial betting strategy, but it is perfectly legal in the United States.

Courtsiding betting is the act of receiving information and using it to bet quickly. This way, bettors get valuable odds by knowing what will happen before the odds reflect the state of the game.

Courtsiding is mostly synonymous with tennis, but if done right, it could theoretically work in any sport.

How Does Courtsiding Betting Work?

As previously mentioned, courtsiding betting means you are a step ahead of the best offshore sportsbooks. For courtsiding betting to work properly, bettors must be on the ball and able to act sharply once the courtside information has been relayed.

Courtsiding betting is a team effort 99% of the time. It can be done with two individuals—one acts as the courtsider, and another places the bets. The process is fairly simple and certainly takes advantage of bookmakers when done correctly.

The individual at the game in the stands (courtside) watches closely and relays key information as it happens. Using various devices, the courtsider sends this information as quickly as possible to the courtside sports bettor.

The person then actually placing the courtside bets must be incredibly quick. As the odds-setting technology and in-play markets have vastly improved, the bettor has to act within seconds, even milliseconds, after receiving the information from the courtsider.

Here is an honest assessment of the practice as detailed by an anonymous courtsider to BBC News back in 2015:

“You would sit on court for as long as you were needed pressing the buttons, which were sewn into my trousers and relay the scores back to London. You’d press one for [Novak] Djokovic, two for [Andy] Murray, for example, as fast as you could. The purpose of us being there is that we can send back information a lot faster than TV or betting companies can get the data.”

Example of a Courtsiding Bet 

example of courtsiding bet

Here is a hypothetical example of courtsiding betting. A basketball game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Phoenix Suns is down to the final two minutes of regulation time, and the score is 120-101 in favor of the Suns.

The under/over points total market for 222.5 points is -110 both ways (see the above screenshot), as there is only a minute or so left in the game.

In this case, you are the bettor, with a friend physically present at the match. Your friend is on the phone while watching the game and says that the 76ers have just scored a three-pointer.

This means the score is now 120-104, and there have been 224 total points scored.

You must instantly place a bet on over 222.5 points at -110 before the market closes entirely. This must be done in a matter of seconds before the market closes and the odds are updated.

224 points would close the over 222.5 market as it has already occurred. If you are sharp and on the ball, you get in just in time with odds of -110 before the sportsbook odds adjust. If you were quick enough to place the necessary type of bet, this wager would be guaranteed profit.

What Are The Advantages of Courtsiding Betting 

Like any betting strategy, courtsiding betting has advantages and disadvantages—no strategy is perfect.

One of the biggest advantages of courtside betting is that it guarantees winnings if done properly. Although this sounds somewhat ridiculous, if done right, all of your bets will be deemed winners—there is no catch.

This is because you are, in essence, ahead of the bookmakers and know the outcome ahead of time. Another advantage of courtside betting is that you can take advantage of long odds. As you are present at a match or event and know what has just happened, you are ahead of the game.

If you act swiftly, you can take advantage of longer odds and thus win even more. Another advantage of courtsiding betting is that it isn’t limited to one or two sports. It can be done on almost any sport, provided the platform you are using offers live or in-play betting.

Betting live at the event can give bettors an edge, as you see things happen quicker and ahead of time. Another obvious positive of courtside betting is that it lends itself to wagering on mobile, tablet, or desktop, meaning the majority of people can do it if they so please.

What Are The Negatives of Courtsiding Betting 

Although there are a lot of positives when it comes to courtsiding betting, there are, of course, some drawbacks too. One of the biggest drawbacks of courtsiding betting is to do with improved technology.

The effectiveness of courtsiding has been somewhat diminished as communication and odds-setting technology have vastly improved. It was far easier to partake in courtsiding several years ago, before living betting on mobile devices where the delay in information is measured in seconds.

Once upon a time, courtsiders could relay information to bettors to place bets with individual bookmakers. That is no longer the case, as odds-setting technology has evolved greatly and is incredibly smart nowadays.

Another disadvantage of courtsiding is that sportsbooks have the power to ban bettors they believe to be courtsiding betting. Although this isn’t a huge problem, as there are many different sportsbooks bettors could then sign up to, it can be a nuisance.

Another potential drawback of courtsiding is that the actual courtsiders won’t always be able to replay the information quickly enough. If there is a poor phone line or dodgy signal, information might become missed and, therefore, too slow to relay in a bet.

Pros & Cons Of Courtsiding Betting

  • Ahead of the bookmakers, you know the outcome ahead of time
  • Take advantage of long odds
  • Available to do on a wide array of sports
  • Guaranteed winnings
  • Easy to do on mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Improved odds-setting technology
  • Sportsbooks may ban bettors they believe are courtsiding
  • Courtsiders won’t always be able to relay quickly enough

Is Courtsiding Betting Legal?

Although it is sometimes frowned upon and seen as a highly controversial betting strategy, courtside betting is, in fact, completely legal.

There are, in fact, no federal or state laws that prohibit you from gambling based on information passed on by someone who is physically present at a game or event.

It has been argued to the nth degree in the past that courtsiding is a form of match-fixing. However, this is complete nonsense, as the two are completely different. Match fixing directly influences an outcome, whilst courtsiding simply relays the outcome after it has happened.

In short, it is totally legal to partake in courtside betting. Furthermore, it is not illegal to wager using the information provided by the courtside.

As long as you reside in a US state that allows online sports betting or is signed up to one of the best offshore sportsbooks from any US state, courtsiding betting is totally legal.

Although it is legal, courtsiding is somewhat frowned upon. Security at sporting events have been known to eject spectators who are presumed to be courtsiding. For example, the 2016 US Open in tennis saw 20 spectators ejected for suspected courtsiding.

Courtsiding Betting Strategies & Tips

Although courtsiding betting is a straightforward strategy to understand and take advantage of, our dedicated courtsiding betting experts have more insightful tips to help you.

If you are considering partaking in courtsiding betting, these five top tips could help you take full advantage of the strategy and become an expert. Following these top tips could also help you maximize your profits and success rate when courtsiding.

1. Keep It Simple

Finding the best markets to courtside bet on can be tricky. However, the best way to take full advantage of this strategy is to select a few markets you can bet on instantly.

This way, you won’t lose time trying to find a selection before the odds shift. Remember, when it comes to courtsiding betting, speed is everything.

2. Go To The Event

Being at a game or event in person is the fastest way to courtside. There is no quicker way to partake in courtsiding than being there live in the flesh.

Shaving off those precious milliseconds by attending the event and live betting on your mobile device could be key to maximizing winnings. If you are there in real-time and place bets in seconds, you will get in before the odds have adjusted and, therefore, win more bets.

3. Slow Bookies

Usually, when signing up for a sportsbook, you want the fastest bookmaker with the best odds and most comprehensive markets. However, with courtsiding, you, in fact, want the opposite. The slower the sportsbook, the better when it comes to courtside. Therefore, shop around and test (without betting) to see how quickly their odds react to situations in a match.

This is because the bettor has longer to place the bet with a slower bookmaker. Finding a live betting platform that might be slower occasionally could be a valuable tip. Sign up to a few different sportsbooks and follow a game while watching the live odds to test.

4. Safe & Reliable Mobile Network

This might sound like a strange tip, but it is massively important. Consider which mobile network has the best internet connection at the stadium, event, or venue where you’ll be receiving information.

This is hugely important as the quicker the signal and more reliable the connection, the easier it will be to act fast and place your courtsiding wagers. The last thing you want is a significant delay in receiving a text message because the insider at the game has poor phone signal.

5. Betting Lines With Value

When courtsiding, it is imperative that you seek value. Some markets will have better odds on offer than others. Therefore, it could be worth your while to do your research to find the markets with the most attractive odds.

For example, betting on the next touchdown scorer in a football game could be an NFL betting market with extreme value. If you can place the bet quickly after being relayed the information, you could cash in big time by backing the team to score the next touchdown.

Top Tips For Courtsiding Betting

  1. Keep it simple: specialize in just a few sports/markets
  2. Shop around for the best in-play sportsbooks (slow bookies)
  3. Safe and reliable mobile network/internet
  4. Go to the event in person yourself
  5. Look for value betting lines

What Are The Best Courtsiding Sports To Bet On?

Courtsiding betting isn’t limited to just one or two sports. It lends itself to various different sports, including some of the most popular US sports.

As long as the sport can be watched live and in person, a courtsiding betting strategy can be incorporated. Here are some sports that lend themself to courtsiding and are more popular for this particular betting strategy:

what is courtsiding betting?


When it comes to courtsiding, tennis is one of the most prolific and popular sports to implement this betting strategy. Courtsiding began in tennis; sitting courtside and transmitting details about upcoming outcomes can be seriously advantageous.

Most of the best tennis betting sites offer prop markets, such as “Will there be an ace in this game?” Bettors can almost guarantee a small profit betting on the over/under market for set betting using the courtsiding betting strategy.

Tennis is most certainly a sport that lends itself to profitable courtsiding betting.


Basketball is another sport where courtside betting can be done. Being courtside at an NBA game can provide lightning-fast insights for live betting with the top NBA betting sites.

Imagine you can place a bet on whether a free throw will be successful when you already know it has or hasn’t been. You can also bet on the next point scorer moments after witnessing who scored in person.

Horse Racing

Courtsiding betting can also be done in horse racing, but not in the same way as other sports. The only way to courtside in horse racing is to witness the horses during the Parade Ring. This is where the horses meet their jockeys ahead of the race, and spectators can assess the condition of each horse.

So if the favorite with the best online horse racing betting sites isn’t taking a liking to the jockey or looks agitated in the Parade Ring, this information can prove vital and heavily influential to a bettor.


Football is the most popular sport to bet on in the United States, with hundreds of different markets for each NFL game. As there are so many betting possibilities with the best NFL betting sites, courtsiding can help you take advantage of the numerous prop markets.

For example, if you act fast, you could place a winning wager on the next touchdown scorer, as you know who has scored it before the bookmakers do. Similarly, you could place a successful Octopus bet if you are quick to spot the touchdown scorer lining up in prime position for a 2-point conversion. You might even have ears to the ground at this year’s NFL Draft event, relaying info over the phone about which player goes where moments before the bookmaker updates the odds.


Golf is yet another sport that lends itself to courtsiding. The top golf betting sites offer in-play markets on score at the next hole, whether or not a player’s drive will find the fairway, whether a player will reach the green in regulation, and so on.

Being at the course in person, seeing this, relaying it to a bettor, or even being ready to wager yourself on a mobile app gives you a huge advantage. It means you will see the action unfold before the bookmakers know what has happened.


In baseball, courtsiding is also possible. For example, most of the best MLB sportsbooks offer odds on whether or not a home run will be scored in an innings in-play.

Say you are at the game in the stands and witness a player hit a home run. If you are fast enough, you could bet that a home run will be scored in this innings and would therefore be placing a guaranteed winning wager if you are swift enough.

Ice Hockey

All of the top NHL betting sites offer in-play and live betting options. This means that hockey is another sport that lends itself to courtsiding betting.

Betting on in-play props, such as whether a goal will be scored in the current quarter or who the next goalscorer will be, are examples of live betting options.


A two—or three-second delay is enough time for a courtsider to tell you that a corner was awarded and that you should place a wager on a particular corner market. Similarly, under/over the total goals market.

If a match is in the dying stages of injury time with the scores tied at 1-1, and a team scores to make it 2-1, betting on the ‘over 2.5 goals’ prop bet would be a guaranteed winner. If quick enough, courtsiding betting in soccer can be highly profitable.

The top soccer online sportsbooks offer live betting and in-play markets like these. This means that courtsiding betting is most definitely an option in soccer.


When fast live betting and wagering on a cricket match are in play, courtsiders can relay key information. Information such as when a wicket falls can be vital when in-play betting with the best cricket betting sites.

This can be particularly useful for the ‘next wicket’ market, where you could get exceptionally valuable odds betting on the bowler to take the next wicket, or if a batsman is on 99 runs, you might get in just in time on the batsman-X to hit a century line. As always, the beauty of courtsiding betting is that you know it has happened before the bookmakers’ odds reflect that.

The Last Word: Is Courtsiding Betting Worth It?

The answer to this question seems fairly obvious, given that if done swiftly and correctly, courtsiding betting is a guaranteed way of making a profit.

However, it definitely isn’t for everyone. It can take the joy out of the sports betting experience, and you run the risk of being banned from certain bookmakers if caught.

If it is done right, though, it can certainly be worth it. To be a successful courtsiding bettor, it’s probably best to work in a team. As previously explained, being live at an event is integral to being a successful courtsider. This way, information can be relayed more efficiently.

To conclude, although it may be frowned upon, courtsiding betting is not illegal. You may get penalized by individual sportsbooks or even thrown out of events if caught, but you aren’t breaking any laws by any stretch.


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