Phillies Move Domonic Brown to Center Field: a Sign Shane Victorino is Heading Out?


@GMCarson just pointed me to this:  The Phillies have moved one-time super prospect Domonic Brown to center field at AAA Lehigh Valley.  Wow.  If you fail at left and fail at right, only other place is center, right? (Well, I suppose Brown could return to pitching).  This move could be very telling about the Phillies' future plans.

We all know that Shane Victorino is going to be a free agent this offseason, seemingly opening an outfield spot for another player, but how would they do that?

Well, it seems there are a lot of moving parts.  Chase Utley has worked out in left field.  So if Utley is in left and Hunter Pence is in right there is only one place for Domonic Brown to go and that's the vacant center field.

Brown moved from right to left already as Pence took right field.  He has one more year left before free agency after this one.  Utley has one year after this one as well, and may not be able to play the infield anymore.

After going 0 for 4 so far tonight against the Charlotte Knights, Brown is hitting .231.  After refusing to trade Brown to get players such as Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee (not that they traded anything great for them) the Phillies are way too invested to give up.  

So, coming soon: Domonic Brown, center fielder.