Welcome to Philly, Cody

Cody Asche is on his way to Philly according to reports, probably meaning a Michael Young deal (at least) is going to happen today. I'd guess that Young ends up in either New York, Boston, or Baltimore.

Asche is a solid hitter who really burst into view last year by dominating Clearwater, hitting .349 with an .825 OPS in 255 AB's. His play there got him sent to Reading at the mid-season point, and he started out really slow there. A hot finish got him to a .300 even average, and an .873 OPS. He finished 2012 with an impressive 51 XBH's, then lead the Arizona Fall League in doubles. This year he started out mediocre but got hot with the weather, and is now at .295, with an .837 OPS. He also has seen an uptick in power, hitting a career high 15 homers and 43 XBH's in 446 plate appearances. His glove has improved as he's climbed the ladder, and now projects as about average.

Stay tuned for more.