An Ode to Jimmy

The greatest shortstop in club history.
photo by Richard Wilkins Jr.

Phillies fans love to get mad at Jimmy Rollins. It's easy. He makes good money. He will open his mouth. His can be very brash. That's Jimmy Rollins though. Let me remind you what else is Jimmy Rollins.

  • World Champion, National League Champion twice, NL East champion five times.
  • 2007 NL MVP.
  • Three-Time NL All-Star.
  • Gold Glove Winner Four Times.
  • 2,138 hits, 418 stolen bases, 198 homers, 1,226 runs scored, 107 triples.
  • Here since 2000, over 13 full seasons.
And now the all-time leading Phillie in doubles. 
You can dislike Jimmy all you would like, but he's the greatest shortstop in club history, yes even over Bowa. He has earned the respect of an impatient fan base (with good reason for those lackings). Congratulations to him on becoming first all-time, and hopefully we'll see him get there in hits next season too. If he can just have one or two really good season left in him, he may even make a run at Cooperstown yet, despite angering us almost annually.