1, 2, 3, 4, 5…SIXERS!! Game 1: Sixers vs. Miami Heat

the 1,2,3,4,5, Sixers, I am Greg and this will be my forum to spout off about
the Sixers and NBA. I will write in this format all season, mostly because it
can be quick and easy or drawn out and thoughtful, and that flexibility will be
handy given my hectic schedule. After a game you all can expect 6
thoughts/musings/takeaways from that game. On off days I’ll give you a quick 6
on a random topic. Enough of the prep work, let’s get to tonight’s big win.


1. MC DUB!

Is there any other possible
start to this column? The Sixers season started with an MWC
, and here was my reaction.
From there MC Dub went from fringe lottery prospect to the owner of the
greatest debut in NBA history. 22-12-9-7-1.This was a performance so epic that I
received 22 texts about this game. I have to ask a series of questions in
varying degrees of seriousness, can he possibly put up a better stat line than
this? Has any NBA player ever peaked in their first game? His ROTY odds were 9
to 1, what are they in the morning? Is he going to become the darling of the
city? Is he capable of 16 points, 8 assists, 2 steal a game averages over the
whole season? Can we all agree to chant MCW, like we used to chant ECW every
time MC Dub does something awesome?


All kidding aside, I was
worried about MCW before tonight’s game, but he made me a believer in a single
game. He did everything you hoped he would do. MCW knocked down jumpers, played
crazy D, found open shooters and cutters, and he became the most popular Sixer
since Iverson all in one night. I couldn’t be more excited. MCW! MCW! MCW!


2. Evan Turner….

I have been an Evan believer
for as long as he has been in the league.  This was the season where I
swore I would be more rational in my ET coverage, and then my man goes and
drops 26. I have been talking up the thought of ET being an All-Star this year
for the last few weeks. This would be due to his circumstances more than his talent.
Evan will lead this team in scoring (and FGAs), so come February there is a
good chance that he gets picked for the big game based on his inflated PPG. To
be fair, I am promoting Evan as an All-star because I hope the Sixers will be
able to trade Evan for a higher return if he has the All-Star label next to his
name. Tonight he played one of his best all-around games as a pro, plus he took
6 free throws. 6 FTAs per game would place Evan in the top 10 of the league.
Maybe I sold my ET stock too low.


3. Big Macs? Already?

If 2 days ago you had set the
over/under on Sixers games where they reach 100 points at 15, I would’ve gone
under. Tonight they broke the 100-point mark, sent the fans home happy and I
get a free hamburger. My hope is that we are bad team that loses 115-109 every
night, which is way more fun to watch when compared to last year
when they always lost 84-78. 


4. Let’s see this
in February

The thing I loved about this
win is that they didn’t give up when given the chance. When that Ray Allen 3 at
the buzzer goes down and gives the Heat a 9 point lead, I would’ve understood
if they came out with their heads hung low to start the 4th.
 That did not happen; instead the 76ers played their hearts out and stole
a game from the champs. If this team plays this hard all year, then Brett Brown
is doing an amazing job. I want this type of energy and hustle in every game.
It is easy to played inspired basketball when the arena is full and the champs
are in town, but lets see how the team looks on those cold and lonely winter


5. Brett Brown: Motivational Guru    

Sixers came out strong, and it is easy to understand why. Check out this
exclusive look behind the scenes as Brett Brown address his team minutes before
game time.


6. We must do
our alma mater, we must do our alma mater.

one way to celebrate a big win for the Sixers, so turn your speakers all the
way up and CLICK IT