Hinkie’s Reaction To Sixer’s Draft Positioning

With the lottery now in the rear view, and the Sixers receiving picks number 3 and number 10 overall; it’s now time for Sam Hinkie to work his magic and revamp this roster moreover.

Of course many Sixers fans are upset about the positioning at 3, because Cleveland keeps getting rewarded good karma for losing LeBron a few years back by receiving the No. 1 overall pick the past three out of four years, despite having terrible odds at 1.7 percent. 

So what direction will Hinkie steer this team towards come draft day?

Obviously, the mastermind behind the overhaul won’t show his hand to the public as he stated.

“Now we are back to my stone face because this is the time of the year where there is a lot of information to be gained and a lot to be lost the more you say,” Hinkie said. “We are likely to be active all around the draft. That is not unusual for us. But you have to be pretty careful that people don’t know what it is you are going to do.”

With the Sixers receiving a top 3 pick, they’re likely to draft either Wiggins, Embiid, or Parker. Although, a lot of rumors also place Australian guard Dante Exum in the mix as well.

Hinkie does feel like Philadelphia will be a great landing spot for the rookies who will be drafted by the Sixers come June 26th.

“They want to play in a big market and they recognize what a platform it is in Philadelphia. They want to get better and they realize that Philadelphia, with our coaching staff and with our roster, you can come and play and get better, said Hinkie.”

Who knows what Hinkie has stored up his sleeve? Just understand that the guy is ready and willing to make any move that will improve the roster for next season.

After the plethora of transactions that occurred at last year’s draft, don’t be surprised if more of the same happens in this year’s draft.

After all Hinkie did say “we’re likely to be active all around the draft that’s not unusual for us.”