If you ask the stars: It’s Babcock

Editor's note: This is an article from Jaclyn Mason of Meet Me Behind the Net written exclusively for Flyerdelphia.
In the wake of Craig Berube's firing last Friday, Kevin Durso named the top three prospects to replace Berube as the Flyers head coach. 
There is so much speculation and very little information coming from the Flyers front office, so I decided to turn to the ancient science of numerology for some insight into who would succeed when he steps into Berube's shoes.
All three coaches have this in common: they are all, according to their birthdays and life path numbers, in the second major life cycle period, called the "cycle of maturity." This is "a period of stabilization and finding your place in the world."

Let’s get started with the third pick, Todd McLellan, born Oct. 3, 1967, life path No. 9, second cycle No. 3:
McLellan is currently the head coach of the San Jose Sharks. This year is the first time the Sharks missed the postseason since he joined the team in 2008. With 3 as his second cycle number, McLellan apparently has a strong desire to express himself creatively, along with the gift of gab and charisma to attract supporters.  
Positives: The Flyers could certainly use a creative coach to think outside the box and maximize the strength of each player, as well as a natural leader to bring some cohesiveness to a disjointed, inconsistent squad. He would also be a welcome change from Berube, who was actually anti-charismatic at times.
Negatives: Creativity isn’t exactly a virtue valued by the Flyers organization. While it would be nice to see a coach with some personality, what the Flyers really need is someone who can regroup from this lost season and get wins when and where it matters.  
Next up is Claude Julien, born April 23, 1960, life path number 7, second cycle number 5:
Julien joined the Bruins in 2007, and like McLellan, his squad missed the postseason for the first time under his leadership this year. With 5 as his second cycle number, Julien is poised for some travel, a change in his career, and moving to another home or city. His "ability to teach and communicate effectively with others" is one of his strengths, but he may have some challenges settling down and prefer to focus on his family.
Positives: Communication is key. How many times were we left scratching our heads at what Berube said or did, seemingly without any objective justification? His handling of Steve Mason, for example, or benching Vincent Lecavalier or his inexplicable comments comparing Sean Couturier to Patrice Bergeron? Also all signs point to Julien making a move from Boston to Philadelphia. I know fans would appreciate a more open dialogue with the head coach throughout the season.  
Negatives: Settling down in Philadelphia has posed a challenge to quite a few folks when they have joined the Flyers. Ilya Bryzgalov immediately comes to mind. And Julien doesn’t have a great track record – he was fired before the end of his first and only season with the Devils due to apparent conflict with the players. A divisive coach who loses his team? Sounds a little too Berube-esque for my taste.  
Finally, Mike Babcock, seemingly everyone’s front runner, born April 29, 1963, life path No. 7, second cycle No. 11:
Babcock is currently the head coach of the Red Wings and his team is battling the Lightning in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. He’s never been fired as head coach since joining the NHL in 2002, instead choosing not to remain with the Ducks before receiving an offer to coach the Red Wings. His current contract expires this season.  
With a second cycle number of 11, Babcock has the potential to excel in coaching and has a natural gift for "motivating and inspiring others."  
Positives: I think we have a winner. All signs point to Babcock as the best candidate for taking over the Flyers. He has an excellent coaching career, a close relationship with Flyers GM Ron Hextall, a perfectionist streak, discipline and the desire to be the best coach of his generation.  
Negatives: Babcock has the most autonomy of the three top picks because he can choose where he wants to coach. That tips the balance of bargaining power away from the Flyers and Babcock has expressed his love for the Red Wings. Given that he’s spent most of his professional career with the team, it’s not difficult to understand why he might want to stay in Detroit.  
There you have it. The Flyers are keeping mum, so reading the numerology tea leaves may be all we can do until the new head coach is announced. 
Jaclyn Mason is a guest writer for Flyerdelphia and writer for Meet Me Behind the Net. Follow her on Twitter @meetmebhndnet.