Lack of Ben Simmons Workout Not Especially Alarming

Though some media members are trying to make it out to be, Ben Simmons lack of a predraft workout with the Sixers is not especially alarming. 

If Simmons were working out with other teams and not Philadelphia, then there would be an issue, but that is not the case. Simmons won't work out for any team, likely at the behest of his agent, which could be considered an interesting decision, albeit not an alarming one. 

Simmons is the likely top pick in the ’16 Draft, and a lock to be selected in the top two, so there is technically very little for him to gain with a workout, as he can't improve his draft stock much more. Players typically individuals use workouts to improve their potential position in the draft, which is impossible for Simmons. Overall his decision not to work out with teams prior to the draft comes off as business related, rather than an indictment on Simmons himself. 

As far as a Simmons selection by the Sixers even without a workout, recent history tells us that this is extremely plausible, even likely. Over the last three lotteries, the Sixers selected Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, and Jahlil Okafor all without a prior workout with the team. While Noel and Embiid where obviously injured, the main take away is that the lack of a workout did not impact the Sixers draft decision. 

The Sixers, and Brett Brown in particular, are extremely familiar with Simmons, his game, family, and personality. If they think he's the guy, or not, a single workout wouldn't persuade them in one way or another. 

By all accounts Simmons is open to being selected first by Philly, recently stating that going first overall would be 'awesome.' Brandon Ingram, who worked out with the Sixers this week, is also an intriguing option at the top selection spot. Obviously, the Sixers have an extremely important choice to make, and their eventual decision won’t be made or broken by an individual workout, or lack thereof.