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By Brandon Apter, Sports Talk Philly editor

Last night's Sixers win in Cleveland had to be one of the bests of the season. They led for the entirety of the game and even when the Cavs came close, the Sixers found a way to pull back ahead and eventually earn an 11-point win. This game had a lot of drama leading into it with the #LeBronToPhilly movement in full force earlier in the week, from billboard's to James' shoe selection for Thursday's game. 

If you caught the moments just before the start and the end of this games, you'd notice that LeBron James seemed to light up whenever he and Joel Embiid embraced. Read into it what you want, but the Biid/Bron bromance was as strong as its ever been as of last night.

Although LeBron still scored 30, the Sixers did a good job defending his fast break opportunities and they didn't seem to suffer a whole lot when McConnell or Saric was guarding him off of a switch. After all was said and done, it was LeBron taking to social media that put the #LeBronToPhilly truthers over the top. James was quick to compliment Simmons...or as he calls him - "Young King" and said it was fun to compete against Embiid, Ben and the Sixers.

It might be worth noting that the last time James took to Instagram to comment on another player he competed against, it was on December 10...against Simmons and the Sixers.

Oh, and don't think Joel Embiid would miss an opportunity to capitalize on the #LeBronToPhilly movement in a subtle way on Twitter after the game.

Summer 2018 goals might become a new trending hashtag in Philadelphia as the city and its fans continue to dream of a team armed with Simmons, Embiid, James, Saric and Fultz next season.


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