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Anonymous NBA exec on Colangelo: 'I think the damage is done'

Adam Silver comments on Bryan Colangelo saga

By Brandon Apter, Sports Talk Philly editor  

The Philadelphia 76ers are investigating Bryan Colangelo's involvement with secret Twitter accounts revealed in a story penned by The Ringer's Ben Detrick on Tuesday. Across the five Twitter accounts, both former and current Sixers players were criticized, and front office moves were foreshadowed. NBA commissioner Adam Silver was asked about the matter prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night and here is what he had to say, per NBC Sports Philadelphia:

“For the league there’s always that balance of speed and doing things in a deliberate and appropriate way. And so I have talked to management at the 76ers and the notion here was, let’s find out what’s going on. And I said, in anything we’ve dealt with over the years, I think you have to separate sort of the chatter and sort of what either fans or frankly the media are saying from the facts. And the first thing we have to do here is determine what the actual facts are in this circumstance.

“I know the first thing that (Sixers managing partner) Josh Harris and his ownership group did was when presented with that story, which I believe came as a surprise to them, was to engage an outside law firm, a New York firm, that specializes in these types of investigations and said here’s all the information we have. Our organization, all of us, are available to you, and I know that includes Bryan Colangelo. And with deliberate speed, but don’t cut any corners, let us know what’s going on.”  

Colangelo landed back in Philadelphia on Thursday after spending time in Los Angeles for some pre-draft activities. John Clarke of NBC Sports Philadelphia tracked him down and Colangelo said that he is sticking to his statement made to The Ringer and that he was unaware of anything involving these allegations linking him to five secret Twitter accounts. 


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