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Breaking Down 76ers' Exhibit 10 Deal with Christ Koumadje

By Scott Cashin, Sports Talk Philly Writer

The Philadelphia 76ers used the Exhibit 10 to sign Christ Koumadje to a one-year, partially guaranteed contract on Friday afternoon.

You might wonder what is an Exhibit 10 deal?  Exhibit 10 is a clause that can be included in a minimum contract to allow for a bonus for a waived player signing with the team’s G-League affiliate in the event they don’t make the 15-man roster.  To qualify for a bonus that can range between $5,000 and $50,000, the player must be on the G-League roster for at least 60 days.  The player can be signed to a two-way contract if one is available.

Neither two-way contracts nor Exhibit 10 bonuses count against the salary cap.  In the event they spend time in the NBA, the player would receive the prorated NBA minimum salary off a scale based on their service time in the league.  Each day that a rookie spends in the NBA is worth $5,133 in their bank account.  A one-year veteran would get $8,261 for each day spent on an NBA minimum-level contract.

While Koumadje is the 14th player on the roster currently, the team will go to training camp with more than 15 and cut the number down to start the season.  Koumadje will be able to go to camp and show the organization what he is capable of against NBA players.  When the regular season is ready to begin, he will likely be among the players headed to Delaware.  The bonus will supplement his lesser G-League salary. 

Koumadje still could be a candidate to become a two-way contract in the event one becomes available.  For Philadelphia, the gamble costs them up to $50,000 dollars that do not impact the salary cap and one of their six allowable Exhibit 10 contracts.


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