Is The Fightins Blog Returning? Looks So!

Posted by Frank Klose


As today's loss to the Nationals was getting underway, I thought  to myself, "Damn, I miss the Stay Puft (Marshmallow Man)-Joe Blanton from the Fightins".  Shortly thereafter, it appeared I may get my wish.

According to @meechone, the currently-defunct  The Fightins is set to return.

Let's face it, Phillies blogging became what it is thanks to The Fightins. 

In this piece on Fangraphs just a couple months ago, Mike Meech explained his reason for giving up the site:

The reason I stopped — the ONLY reason — is because I don’t have enough time anymore to dedicate to the site. Sure, I could keep it around and update it a few times a week, but I’d rather go out on top then become some run-of-the-mill Phillies blog that has seen its better days.

I’ve got a full-time job, a beautiful wife, two insane boys, and another kid on the way. I just made the decision that the rare free-time I do have would be better spent with them. I know, I’m a dummy.

If we all pitch in and help babysit, maybe they'll stick around this time a little longer.

How about still reading us now and then, please?

K. Thanks.